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Socialism Killed Millions

Glenn Beck joins host Andrew Klavan to discuss why socialism is so attractive to Americans and what the costs may be if we continue to follow it.

Beck says socialism is usually driven by the artists and youth, because of their bleeding hearts. “It’s good to have a heart,” he says. “But it’s also good to have a brain.” Here’s their discussion on The Encyclopedia of Pop Culture channel.

More Economic Trouble Ahead

Glenn Becks says there’s a reason why Americans aren’t entering the new year more optimistically than Covid-ridden 2020. He says it’s because all signs point to more economic trouble ahead.

And it’s not just about inflation, Beck says.  Americans will have to deal with restarting loan payments, higher taxes and a Federal Reserve that’s been buying our government’s debt. “We could be in real trouble until a strong Republican leader gets back into the White House,” he says. Here’s the rest of the story.

Most Expensive Thanksgiving

Today will go down in history as the most expensive Thanksgiving ever, hands down! Transportation alone is up a whopping 60 percent, home costs have risen 20 percent and food costs have spiraled upward 10 to 12 percent.

“The essentials are through the roof now and we’re only at the beginning of this,” says Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck. Why the enormous change? Beck joins Stu Burguiere to make their case that government has gotten in the way.

O’Reilly: U.S. A Corrupt Country

Bill O’Reilly is weighing in on the latest Hillary Clinton scandal, saying it’s now a proven fact that her campaign concocted and financed the bogus Russian collusion story.

Appearing on The Glenn Beck Show, O’Reilly notes the story is getting scant news coverage, because people are exhausted. “For the first time in American history, the corporate media now has worked directly with a political party to win elections,” O’Reilly says. “We’re living in a corrupt country.” So that begs the big question: With that kind of power, what comes next? Here’s more with O’Reilly and Beck.

The Biden-Trump Feud

Bill O’Reilly says the biggest story of the week is the latest Biden vs. Trump feud, centering on the executive privilege of former presidents.

Biden threatened to write an order declaring Trump’s executive privilege nonexistent, so the Jan. 6th House panel can gain access to the former administration’s documents and records. But an executive order from President Obama’s time in office may get in the way. O’Reilly breaks down the story on the Glenn Beck Show.

O’Reilly Rips Biden Proposal

The Biden Administration’s proposal to hand out huge payouts to every migrant separated at the border while President Trump was in office is drawing the ire of Bill O’Reilly

How big are the settlements? Try $450,000 for each migrant affected! O’Reilly says there’s an understood contract between U.S. taxpayers and the government that we pay our taxes in order for the government to protect us, to help people in need and to provide security across the board. And if this plan goes through, he says, Biden will completely throw all that out the window. Here’s the rest of his take on Blaze TV, with host Glenn Beck.

Shocking Sex-Ed for Young Kids!

Glenn Beck reports that 40 percent of public schools have now adopted new sex-education standards and they are crazy! The new curriculum standards being implemented into schools throughout the nation for health classes that not only go far beyond what’s appropriate for young children, but are entrenched in clear political biases, too.

And the worst part may be that many parents are completely unaware what their children are being taught. Beck talks to Tina Descovich, co-founder of Moms for Liberty about the horrifying curriculum.

Biden Family Corruption Mounts

Appearing on Blaze TV, with host Glenn Beck, Peter Schweizer says he’s searched through 30,000-plus  emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop and has made some shocking finds. Yet, the corporate media refuses to cover the Biden Crime Family corruption, even as the evidence continues to mount.

One of the nuggets in his search, says Schweizer, is Biden still holds 10 percent interest in a Chinese government firm that he promised to divest himself from. He says Biden’s stake in the company is at a minimum $20 million. “Based on the evidence we’re finding, this is not the only existing deal Biden has with China. There are others,” Schweizer says. “And for the life of me, the fact that the media is not really pursuing this story is shocking.”

Schweizer says one of the things the emails confirm is Joe Biden is very much a part of the deal with Hunter because of their intermingled finances. He says the emails detail how Hunter paid many of then Vice-President Biden’s bills and for renovations of his Delaware home. One email confirmed a strange transaction regarding a Ford Raptor truck. “The point is, Joe Biden is a direct beneficiary of these financial deals.” Schweizer breaks down more of his findings with Glenn Beck.

We Need Leaders With A Spine

Eleven Senate Republicans sold out America last week, joining with Democrats to overcome a filibuster and extend the debt ceiling until December–even though Democrats had the needed votes without them.

An irate Glenn Beck says it’s time to elect leaders with a spine! Elect leaders who think politics is despicable, who think it’s all a game and who despise the system. “We need strong Americans to create good times in our nation again,” he says. Here’s Beck’s rant on Blaze TV.

O’Reilly: Poll Favors Trump

Bill O’Reilly says the biggest–and most shocking–story of the past week was how the American electorate would vote in a Biden-Trump matchup today. “More people would vote for Trump than Biden if they ran tomorrow,” O’Reilly says. “That’s a pretty big turnaround, don’t you think.”

He added there’s strong evidence of an anti-Biden movement in America that will get zero coverage from the corrupt corporate media, with the exception of Fox and Newsmax. “The momentum is on the side of the anti-Biden people,” he says. Appearing on “The Glenn Beck Show,” O’Reilly also analyzes how Biden’s faltering approval ratings is causing a major divide within the Democrat Party.

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