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Americans Finally Waking Up

Bill O’Reilly thinks Americans finally are realizing one of the worst mistakes in U.S. history: giving power to the progressive, Democrat Party. He says Nancy Pelosi’s decision to stop legislation that would pack the Supreme Court is proof that even she knows Americans are waking up to the Left’s radical plans.

But Glenn Beck isn’t so sure. Are Americans really waking up to the dangers of the far Left? Join O’Reilly and Beck in their analysis of the issue.

Beck Rattles The Woke Left

When the cancel culture wielded its ugly censorship hammer on Dr. Seuss, labeling his children’s books as racist, it got Glenn Beck to thinking about what’s really going on.  No one, he says, has ever been offended or is in therapy after reading and purchasing millions of these books for decades. “I’ve never heard anyone say, ‘It started with the Dr. Seuss books.’ It’s the same people today that are telling us what to say, what’s offensive and what’s not.”

So Beck took it  upon himself to bring us his whimsical version of Dr. Seuss. This tale, minus the Whos or green eggs, is about FDR and is probably something that will rattle the woke Left.

Big Tech Is Watching You

Too many people are closing their eyes to what Big Tech is doing nowadays, including its latest caper to follow your every move online.

Allum Bokhari of Breitbart News reports that Microsoft, Adobe and Intel have joined forces to create the Coalition for Content Providence and Authenticity in conjunction with media companies. The goal of the coalition is to establish a point of origin for every type of digital content that appears online. For example, if you were to take a photo, the process would gather information on who took the photo, with what camera and imbed the location. Their reasoning, says Bokhari, is to allow users to more accurately distinguish between factual and misinformation. But that’s the good side of the process. Can Big Tech really be trusted to not use the technology in nefarious ways? Bokhari explains all the sinister ways the tech could be used on the Glenn Beck Show.

Glenn Beck Gets Canceled

The cancel culture has again reared its ugly head and this time it’s targeting conservative political commentator Glenn Beck. For those of you who believe the cancel culture is nothing more than hyperbole, think again says Beck.

The online Blaze TV personality shares his story about an art gallery owner, whose political beliefs certainly veered farther to the left than his, but was nevertheless excited to host his first art show this coming summer. Then the Capitol riots happened on Jan. 6 and the gallery owner, obviously affected by the rhetoric of the Left, delivered an email to Beck cancelling the show, further proof of our nation’s forming oligarchy.

Beck felt obligated to respond, saying, among other things, “Our country, it seems, on both sides demands political purity. It’s wrong and deadly, no matter which side is pitching. We must again decide that just because we associate with one another, we don’t endorse everything the other believes.” Here’s more with Beck.

Dems Want Slavery Reparations

The Democrat Party has doubled down on its plan to destroy capitalism. In their latest ploy, 180 Congressional Democrats voiced support for forming a $12 million slavery reparations commission. A Harvard study suggests that since many African Americans dwell in poor environments and thus are more susceptible to COVID, each black family should receive $800,000 to buy their way out of these conditions.

Bill O’Reilly says the plan will never happen and stresses that the national debt is already teetering around the $30 trillion level. He says the true  aim of the Democrat Party is gaining more African American votes and looking for new ways to destroy American capitalism and replace it with their socialist ideals. Here’s more with O’Reilly on the Glenn Beck Show.

O’Reilly: Will Trump Run In ’24?

Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn Beck that the impeachment fiasco by Democrats was not about President Trump. Rather, he says, it was a calculated strategy to not only diminish the Republican Party (which they succeeded in doing), but also to diminish Trump supporters, too.

“It wasn’t about Donald Trump, as far as the big picture is concerned,” O’Reilly says. “They hate him, they want to hurt him as much as possible and that is a given.” He says there are people on the payroll of the Democrat Political Action Committees that come up with these strategies to harm the opposition. This time around, they focused on playing the siege on Capitol Hill video over and over.

O’Reilly opines that law enforcement, Congress and even President Trump were surprised by the siege, although many political pundits disagree. So what are the consequences for the 2024 election? Will Trump have the discipline it takes to run? Tune in for O’Reilly’s take on Blaze TV.

Exception to 4th Amendment

An exception to the 4th Amendment may allow for searches of your home without a warrant. The Supreme Court announced plans to hear arguments on a case regarding a “community caretaking exception,” which give authorities the right to enter your residence sans a warrant.

The exception first originated due to police searching an abandoned car, but its powers may soon be expanded. Glenn Beck explains what the exception means and the ramifications of it if SCOTUS rules in favor of the case in this segment of Blaze TV.

New Red Scare Has Arrived

Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have been silenced twice before: First with John Adams’ Alien and Sedition Acts in the late 1700s and then with McCarthyism in the 1950s. But now, Americans are being silenced yet again.

The corrupt and Trump-hating Left, dissatisfied with cheating its way into the White House and controlling both Houses of Congress, is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to devour conservatives, especially those who supported our 45th President. Their evil tool is cancel culture, disenfranchising Republicans at every turn. Their rhetoric is maniacal: “Our enemy is within the House of Representatives,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Others called Republicans subversive and dangerous. Yet another zany Leftist asked, “How are we going to deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?

Warning! The New Red Scare has arrived. Here’s more on the Glenn Beck channel.

Obama Running The Country

Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn Beck the only thing President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden care about right now is approval from the media. O’Reilly says we have a President who craves approval from two newspapers–The Washington Post and The New York Times, and that’s how he’s going to make his decisions.

“If you look at what President Biden has prioritized in two days, it’s all based on Washington Post and New York Times editorials,” O’Reilly says. And, he says, with the recent of addition of Susan Rice to Biden’s White House team, it’s clear President Obama is the one running the country. O’Reilly elaborates on the “Glenn Beck Show” at Blaze TV.

Unity Or Domination?

Glenn Beck argues that although President Biden’s inaugural address appeared to stress unity, did it send out a different message? Beck argues that the speech may have sounded great to many, but the Left doesn’t have an impressive recent track record when it comes to unifying the country. Often, Beck says, the Left’s idea of unity is really just one of domination.

And true to their colors, the progressive mainstream media enforced that assessment with its usual inane bias. Earlier in the day, when President Trump exited the White House, it gave longtime Trump nemesis Jim Acosta of CNN an opportunity to make one last fascist dig, “He’s almost leaving town like an autocrat ousted from power, headed off into exile.” One thing, Jim, exile is at his million-dollar Mar-a-Lago Resort in sunny Florida. And rest assured that autocrats don’t allow themselves to get voted out.

Says Beck, “The media’s behavior in the last four years, culminating in their coverage on Inauguration Day, has been mind-boggling and disgusting.” So what you heard on Inauguration Day, Beck says, were a lot of fancy words, but little action. Here’s more analysis from Beck on Blaze TV.

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