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Activist Camp For Kids

Since the 2020 George Floyd riots, America’s streets have been plagued with chaos. Glenn Beck reports it’s become so bad that even children are villainizing police officers.

But this is what the far-left wants, he says. The more chaos, the better. In fact, a new summer camp in Portland teaches kids how to be activists on the streets. Here’s Beck with the details.

The Recession Is Intentional

Financial guru Carol Roth, former investment banker and author of The War On Small Business, tells Glenn Beck that the Democrats have purposely created the recession. She also discusses at what point do the Fed’s interest rate hikes become dangerous and how we are expected to lower inflation when interest rates continue to climb.

Most Incompetent Cabinet Ever

Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn Beck that the 1962 New York Mets were the worst team in Major League Baseball history, losing 120 games. But now, O’Reilly says, there’s another “team” in Washington, D.C., that may be even worse. No, not the Nationals, but Joe Biden’s cabinet. O’Reilly breaks down the performance of several cabinet members and their catastrophic losses, proving they truly are amazingly incompetent.

The Plot Thickens For Bidens

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal just got worse. But don’t be distracted by the salacious photos, says Glenn Beck, because we’re dealing with a national security threat.

Beck confides that our country has been through the political sludge of scandals and corruptions, involving presidents and their families, but nothing like what has evolved with the Biden Crime Family. Joe Biden and son, Hunter, are at the center of what may be the biggest corruption scandal in presidential family history. Yet, so far, the family and their cronies have received a free pass from the DOJ, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. Beck takes a deep dive into the sinister plot.

Dems Take Aim At SCOTUS

A new poll reveals the shocking ways some Democrat-likely voters wish to fundamentally alter the Supreme Court.

Among those, Glenn Beck reports, is 39 percent of likely Democrat voters favor a constitutional amendment to give the United Nations power to reverse any SCOTUS decision that member nations feel violates human rights. Have the Dems gone completely berserk? Beck and Stu Burguiere discuss the ramifications of why giving sovereignty to the UN makes no sense.

American Churches Fade Away

A recent report found that only 37 PERCENT of Christian pastors bring a ‘Biblical worldview’ with them to the pulpits. And, for Catholic priests, the numbers are even worse. Glenn breaks down these ‘STUNNING’ statistics which prove that the Christian church in America may be in BIG danger…More from Glenn Beck.

Gas Lies Galore!

It’s now common knowledge that America’s mainstream media will do what it can to help the Democrat Party. But a recent op-ed from The Washington Post just took far-left pandering to a whole new level.

Glenn Beck reports the article tells Americans that Democrats are not to blame for our sky-high inflation rates and gas prices: “There are relatively few tools that the president and Congress can deploy to help boost oil production or moderate overall inflation,” the article says. Tune in, as Beck unveils the rest of The Post‘s Democrat defense.

Soros Targets Radio Freedom

Glenn Beck has warned about the heavily funded, far-left efforts of George Soros for years. Now, Soros’ latest move is an attempt to suppress free speech on radio.

Mike Gonzalez, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, tells Beck that Soros is trying to help purchase 18 Spanish-language radio stations throughout the country, because the inroads conservatives are making with Spanish-speaking voters is causing the far-left to panic. Here’s his report.

Biden’s Man-made Disaster

Think about all the things wrong with the country right now and it makes you wonder: Is this the Biden Administration’s plan?

Glenn Beck reports that we are being starved into a third-world state. Our homes starved of energy, our cars starved of fuel and our children’s bellies starved of food. And guess who the masses turn to when this all gets worse–the federal government. “Because even though Biden’s Build Back Better bill was stopped by Congress, his team is going full steam ahead to destroy America’s energy industries, anyway,” Beck says. Here’s his report.

Democrats Vow To Take Guns

Glenn and Stu debunk the Left’s latest gun lies after two Democratic congressmen admitted that they don’t care what’s standing in their way, whether it’s the Constitution or the Supreme Court: They WILL take AR-15s away from Americans.

And President Biden is right there with them, despite what he says about the “respect” he gives to “lawful gun owners.” But Glenn has a feeling they won’t stop at so-called “assault rifles.” More from the Glenn Beck Show.

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