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Clinton Body Count Spiking

The People’s Voice says scholars of the Clinton Body Count posit that there are spikes in deaths surrounding key scandals in the Clinton Crime Family’s political careers, pointing to the Whitewater scandal in the early 1990s, the impeachment trial in the late 1990s and Hillary’s doomed run for the White House in 2016.

But the deaths have continued to this day–possibly up to 100–and they all have key details in common. The people who died mysterious deaths were shot spontaneously and in public places, sometimes from behind, sometimes by unknown assailants and often just before they were set to release incriminating evidence concerning the Clintons’ activities.

In most cases, there were no signs of theft at the crime scenes. And while some of the deaths were ruled suicides despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, other cases remain officially unsolved. Here’s more.

The following video from CANST (Children Are Not Sex Toys), features a more comprehensive list of the Clinton body count.


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