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“Art”… Again

Controversy has erupted over a painting on display in the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris, France, showing two children — their hands bound and tied behind their backs — performing fellatio on a grown man. The painting is the work of Swiss artist Miriam Cahn, who claims it is not at all depicting pedophilia but is simply a reflection on the horrors of war, and specifically, the war in the Ukraine.

In defending her work, Cahn argues that these aren’t kids being shown at all. She says they are depicted as smaller figures “for symbolic reasons” to convey they are dwarfed and oppressed.

Cahn, like so many contemporary “artists,” plays word games to justify pornography. She isn’t an artist, but rather a con artist. She’s a cheap shot painter who should never be mistaken for an intellectual. After all, she calls this work fuck abstraction!

Here, Natly Denise focuses on the controversy, drawing upon remarks from John Laughland, director of the FVD International, who visited the show and spoke out against Cahn’s juvenile crap.

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