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The Evil Is Exposed

The evil is exposed. It is game over for evil and sick leaders.

George Soros. The CIA. Maui. The Ukraine War. Our totally open southern border, allowing some of the world’s criminals most insidious criminals free entry into the United States.

It’s time for Joe Biden and his Democratic allies to pay for their many crimes, from rampant censorship to gross neglect of the needs of the American public. Here’s more from And We Know.

Fake News Pushing Riots, Chaos

The [Deep State] is ready to take Biden out of the game. They are preparing a change of batter. Trump calls for the 25th Amendment once again. Lets see if the D’s react.

Obama and the Clintons are coming into focus. Clintons have set up their initiative in Ukraine. Timing is everything.

The [Deep State]/fake news begin the narrative for riots and chaos. War is approaching and building.

The patriots have the [Deep State] exactly where then need to be so the world can watch. More from the X22 Report.

Clinton Graft In Ukraine

Cue the grift in 3…2…1! If there’s anyone who’s best positioned to capitalize on the suffering of nations, it’s the Clintons! Now, the Clinton Global Initiative is swooping down for a slice of the pie in the Ukraine. Here’s more from RedPill78.

Food Prices To Skyrocket

We’ve all experienced food price hikes in 2023, but look for food to cost even more in 2024. Extreme weather has caused crop failures in Europe, North America and Australia. Also, there has been a notable disruption in the availability of wheat and flour owing to the Ukraine War.

Other major crops projected to become more scarce include oranges and corn, so now’s the time to assess what you will need and stock up. Here’s more from Sergeant Major.

Blinken Milking Ukraine War!

Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal is spilling the beans on the nefarious connection of Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Riss Flex reports that Blumenthal, son of former President Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal, told the Russell Brand podcast that Blinken “had major skin in the game” when it comes to the Ukrainian war. He says Blinken founded WestExec Advisors, a firm that finesses contracts for the arms industry and Big Tech through the Pentagon and the State Department. Here’s the rest of the story.

Assassination Possibility?

Trump and the patriots are throwing election interference in the face of the people. He wants them to see. He might even take it as far as an assassination attempt. Once people see the Biden administration, FBI and others are involved, the people should see the truth.

The movement is like no other. The people are getting it and they are rallying against the [Deep State]. Time to win back the White House. More from the X22 Report.

Go Inside A Ukraine Bunker

While we are focused on the war, are there other nefarious things happening in Ukraine? Recent reports have emerged from Ukraine over the past few weeks of women kept in underground bunkers by companies making billions off the baby-farming industry.

What is this about? We discuss, you decide. Here’s more from Clayton Morris at Redacted.

The Hits Keep Coming

Drones hit inside Moscow as Zelensky states “It’s natural, fair that war is returning to Russian territory.” Was is a false flag or Ukraine? New CDC Director says annual covid shots will be recommended. Rep Jim Jordan unveils the Facebook Files showing the Biden administration pressured the social media company into censoring Americans. WEF Agenda advisors foresee Climate lockdowns and “carbon swapping.” Here’s more from the Kim Iversen Show.

Does Biden Control “Football?”

The [Deep State] tried to get the narrative back by creating Threads and it failed. The people are not rushing over to use it. They know it’s a censorship machine.

The [Deep State] is now moving towards a physical war since they have lost the information war. Trump confirms this in a statement. Trump is the commander in chief and the [Deep State] does not control the nuclear football.  Trump breaks down the uniform of the soldier carrying the football for Joe Biden and it is not regulation. More from the X22 Report.

Deep State Inciting Rebellion

The [Deep State] is doing everything in their power to piss off the American people. The patriots are using this to their advantage. The [Deep State] wants a civil war. They want the people on the streets. The patriots want Antifa, BLM, illegals and criminals in the streets so they can be rounded up. The [Deep State] believes they can incite a rebellion. The patriots are counting on this. More from the X22 Report.

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