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Jim Willie: Biden On Way Out

Economist and author Jim Willie tells NVTV’s Nicholas Veniamin that the walls are rapidly closing on the globalists and their demise is at hand.

Willie emphasizes that we’re “close to the finish line.” He says his sources tell him that globalist bank accounts and offices are being gutted one by one and being shut down. “They’re on the run,” he says. “You have the suicide of David Rockefeller Sr. You have the suicide of Evelyn de Rothschild. You have a lot of losses by the globalists and Cabal. They’re losing a lot of key people.”

Willie also weighs in on the Biden Crime Family and the Biden Presidency itself. He says the treason is closing in on Uncle Joe and Hunter Biden is being backed into the proverbial corner. Willie predicts that Joe Biden will make a deal, where he leaves office in exchange for leaving his family out of child-related crimes. He explains further, plus offers more intel.

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