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All Roads Lead To Big Guy

Liberal Hivemind reports that more evidence has surfaced from another Hunter Biden business associate, confirming that Joe Biden is indeed the “Big Guy.” The message was found during the panic over the Hunter Biden laptop leaks ahead of the 2020 election.

In a similar text during the same moments, former British special forces officer James Gillar posted, “Don’t mention Joe being involved.” Liberal Hivemind says, “The evidence is starting to stack up, folks. Joe Biden clearly lied.” Here’s more.

Behind Hunter Biden Psyop?

Did the Democrats leak the Hunter Biden Iphone to get rid of Pedo Pete? More from JustInformed Talk.

Time To Restore Rule Of Law

The [Deep State] have no place they can hide. The panic is real. Twitter deals goes south and now Twitter is in trouble. The New York Times begins the process to remove Biden. Right on schedule. How do you sneak one in?

Trump says it’s time to restore the rule of law. Scare event coming. Trust the plan. Trust the military. The [Deep State]/Puppet masters are going to try to start a war. The fake news will build this up. People will think this is where we are headed.

What other former President stepped in and avoided a war? Did this set a precedent? Dan Scavino sends message. Honeypots exposed. More from the X22 Report.

MAGA White Hat Offensive!

We are seeing the launch of a full-out, ultra, MAGA white hat offensive! Have the criminal globalists ever felt the kind of pain that is being inflicted upon them right now? We have John Durham’s probe, the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell, election fraud and the Scotus leak, suggesting the pending overturn of Roe vs. Wade. No doubt about it, the storm clouds are gathering, and getting darker and darker. More from the ChristianPatriotNews.

Slip-Slidin’ Away

In a verbal barrage that chronicles the failure of the progressive left, Bill Whittle illustrates how they now lose on every issue, everywhere, all the time. Meanwhile, real America rises. “The entire left-wing agenda is just slip-slidin’ away and it’s happening faster everyday,” he says. Here’s his report on the Bill Whittle channel.

Massive DS Cleanout Looms

Michael Jaco warns that a massive cleanout of the Deep State is looming, in light of the revelations found in the Hunter Biden laptop.

He says the laptop payload reveals 50 senior intelligence officials signed a letter avowing the Hunter Biden emails were Russian disinformation, which, of course, was a bald-faced lie to protect backsides. Among the signees were Leon Panetta, John Brennan and  Michael Hayden.

Jaco says that not only did emails reveal there was collusion occurring, human trafficking, money laundering and drug trafficking, but also Hunter Biden was able to receive clearance to the Department of Defense for a span of 20 years. Here’s more with Jaco and Nicholas Veniamin.

Net Closing On Hunter Biden

The [Deep State] is panicking now and trying to get ahead of the story of Hunter Biden. Weiss is on the hunt and it seems he is ready to produce some information on the case. The attempted coup/treason opens the public door for more serious crimes. The pill needs to be easy to swallow. The narrative is now being produced.

The war is not going the way the [Deep State] wanted it to. They are trying to bring back Covid but this will fail. The people see through all this now. Election fraud evidence is being produced. Who will be the first state to push this forward and decertify? More from the X22 Report.

Ironically, the New York Times now admits Hunter Biden’s laptop was real. Of course, before the election, the leftist Times did not seriously investigate the laptop, instead pushing Joe Biden’s flagrant lie that it was all Russian disinformation being peddled by Rudy Giuliani. Here’s more from Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

New Ben Garrison work on Ukraine: Follow the cookie trail to discover the crooks!


Patriots Know The Playbook

What advantages might exist when you know the other side’s playbook? How do you expose the [Deep State]/Big Pharma and remove the pandemic at the same time? How do you expose election fraud, treason and crimes against humanity?  If there is a pandemic, what must the patriots do to remove the pandemic?

The [Deep State] is panicking. They are realizing that the people are no longer controlled by their narrative and the people are talking amongst themselves. Time is ticking down. The [Deep State] knows this. Time to take everything to the next level and create False Flags. Countermeasures in place. More from the X22 Report.

The Harvest Has Been Prepared

The [Deep State] is desperate. They are going after Steve Bannon and they just trapped themselves in a new precedent. Plus, Steve Bannon now gets to see it all via discovery. The stage is now being set to remove [Joe Biden]. The fake news is in the process of building this up with the narrative that the Vice President [Kamala Harris] and [Joe Biden] are in a feud. At the same time, emails from [Hunter Biden’s] laptop are released that talk about [Joe Biden] having dementia. The harvest is prepared and will soon be delivered to the public. More from the X22 Report.

Military Control Now Looming

The [Deep State], fake news, Big Tech are panicking. They are preparing to stop all information from being presented to the public. Mike Lindell has his 3rd day of the Cyber Symposium and we come to find out that Mike Lindell was attacked and they found out that certain individuals are clowns.The Emergency Alert System was just tested and Big Tech most likely tried to stop the testing. The patriots have prepared countermeasures. The military is the only way forward and a state of temporary military control will be actioned. More from the X22 Report.


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