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Secret Knowledge

Dinesh D’Souza delves into the Dobbs Decision leaker, regarding the controversial Supreme Court case that overturned Roe v. Wade and the revelation from Justice Anthony Alito that he knows who did it.

D’Souza says the leaker not only revealed the Dobbs Decision prematurely, he also divulged the leading opinion on the nationally-charged case, written by Justice Anthony Alito. But D’Souza argues that the real question about the leaker is not the person’s identity, but rather the motive. He says the leaker’s identity is still unknown to this day.

Meanwhile, Alito claims that not only does he know the identity of the leaker, but the motive behind the leak. D’Souza explains further, plus also reports on why the media conceal the truth when it involves illegal migrants, talks to Jan. 6 defendant Jenny Cudd on why the GOP is so silent and explores the worrisome cultural implications of the Jerry Springer Show.

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