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It Beggars Belief

Great Britain is now housing migrants in many luxury resorts. There are so many four-star and five-star resorts booked to hold migrants that British citizens can’t find rooms for their Thanksgiving and Christmas getaways. Do the elites care? Does a bear crap in the woods? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

British conservative pundit Katie Hopkins explains why the ruling elites and globalist political leaders never care about immigration. The migrants represent a money-making machine for these leaders. As long as migrants fuel the political power of the elites, the current crisis will never change.

No, You Can’t Kick Them Out!

The transport of illegal migrants from conservative states to liberal areas continues to expose the hypocrisy of the Left. As soon as illegals–who were transported from Florida–stepped foot in Martha’s Vineyard, Ma., they were reloaded on buses and shipped to the Cape Cod military base!

Why the sudden concern for safety for these hypocritical lefties? What happened to their compassion?¬†Does this spell the end of sanctuary cities? We can only pray it does. Here’s Liberal Hivemind’s report.

Poland Defends Its Borders

Poland is defending its borders against a massive wave of Muslim migrants trying to enter Europe via Belarus. Lying due east of Poland, Belarus is a landlocked country whose president, Alexander Lukashenko, has been involved in plenty of monkey business.

Lukashenko has held office more than 27 years, using election fraud to remain in power. He’s helping the waves of migrants in an attempt to destabilize Europe, whose nations have brought sanctions against him. Here, Steve Turley gives an overview and explains why Poland’s nationalism has become a model for other countries.

Tagging Migrants Like Cattle

The Mexican cartels are thriving on the border. At one end of the border, they’re moving in dope to poison our country and on the other end, they have our agents preoccupied with droves of illegal migrants, most of them helpless kids.

In addition to the economic and national security crises created by President Biden’s open-border policies, the migrants who are attracted by those policies are horribly abused along the way. Derek Maltz, the former special agent in charge of the Justice Department’s Special Operations Division, explains how cartels use the flood of migrants to overwhelm our border security and move their illegal drugs and other contraband into the U.S. “And let’s not forget how much they’re charging the migrants to get here,” he says. “Now we see, for the first time, that they’re tagging the migrants like they’re cattle to make sure they’re paying the fees.” Here’s more with Maltz and Sara Carter.

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Army Of Narcos At Border

The tide of migrants headed for the U.S. border translates into hundreds of billions of dollars in profits for the drug cartels. And they are using that money to bolster their operation, buying weapons, communications equipment, vehicles, drones, submarines and light aircraft, among other tools of the trade.

Sara Carter says the border crisis is so beyond out of control that our federal agents are up against an armada of narcos and they’re just sitting there babysitting the migrants and trying to get them processed. Add to that the avalanche of drugs pouring across our border, including marijuana purposely laced with fentanyl to target addicts. Here’s more with Carter and U.S. Rep. Brian Babin.

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