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358,609 Indictments!

Sourcing a two- and four-year deltas from Q posts, Christian Patriot News (CPN) reports that accountability and justice for the Deep State may finally be on the way from the John Durham camp.

Q’s message is terse in a 2-year delta from Sept. 13, 2020: “Future of our republic at stake. Watergate x1000.” He also suggests to track and follow events from Sept. 14-18 and Sept. 21-25. Will the first of 358,609 indictments be unsealed? Stay tuned. Here’s CPN’s report.

SCOTUS To Hear Election Suit

Behizy reports the Supreme Court has decided to hear an election lawsuit out of North Carolina that will definitely change who makes election laws and procedures in individual states. “This is probably the first real election lawsuit that would challenge what happened in 2020,” Behizy says. Here’s his report.

Still Nothing On SCOTUS Leaker

Matt Christiansen reports that the investigation into the person who leaked the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on Roe v. Wade has come to a standstill. The court wouldn’t even tell the The Associated Press whether the probe is still ongoing.

Meanwhile, Christiansen says, the leaker, or people who may know who’s responsible, have already left the building and moved on to other jobs, since SCOTUS adjourned its summer session June 30. That means about three dozen people who more than likely had access to the opinion cannot be easily reached by investigators. So what’s next? Here’s more with Christiansen.

Dems Take Aim At SCOTUS

A new poll reveals the shocking ways some Democrat-likely voters wish to fundamentally alter the Supreme Court.

Among those, Glenn Beck reports, is 39 percent of likely Democrat voters favor a constitutional amendment to give the United Nations power to reverse any SCOTUS decision that member nations feel violates human rights. Have the Dems gone completely berserk? Beck and Stu Burguiere discuss the ramifications of why giving sovereignty to the UN makes no sense.

SCOTUS Election Rumors False

Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay reports intel from a “high source” confirms the rampant rumors circulating that the Supreme Court has overturned the 2020 Presidential election are false.

If it were to happen in this manner, McKay says, it would implode Deep State factions and put the safety of the American people in peril. “It’s going to happen, but not the way these guys are telling you online,” he says. “It’s going to be done slowly. The Judicial Branch will not solve the problem because they are corrupt. You’re going to see the military step in at some point and it’s going to be showing all of it.”  More on this story, plus an update on the looming economic collapse.

Massive Wake-Up Call

The Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case was the linchpin that overturned Roe v. Wade.

The ACLJ’s Jay and Jordan Sekulow provide legal analysis of the arguments made and the continued battle for life ahead. The Sekulows and the rest of the ACLJ crew also discuss the historic decision and the launch of a 50-state campaign to defend babies and defeat abortion.

Celebs Give Finger To USA

Right Angle’s Stephen Green asks, “Why is the progressive left so ugly inside and out? They really want to impose their will, and that will is really an ugly sight to see.” Join Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott, as they dissect the increasing “Hate America” narrative emanating from the lefties.

Arizona’s ‘F*ck The 4th’ Party

The disgraceful dissing of our country by Arizona Democrats, who unabashedly threw a “F*ck The Fourth” Party on Independence Day, screams loudly about the state of our nation.

Dinesh D’Souza reports that the event, promoted by the Pima County Democrat Party via the Tucson Women’s March, told supporters to bring their water, lawn chairs, posters and anger. While D’Souza acknowledges the event was held, in part, because of the Roe v. Wade decision, he says it’s also a slap at the founding principles of our nation. Here’s D’Souza’s take.

New Mexico Now Abortion Hub

Women are traveling in droves to the state of New Mexico for their abortions, in light of the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on Roe v. Wade. Newsy reports that the Land of Enchantment is the lone state bordering Texas with no-holds-barred abortion and is now bracing for a Texas-sized demand curve for the procedure. A travesty, indeed!

The uber-liberal New Mexico Legislature repealed its pre-Roe v. Wade ban on abortions, replacing it with legislation lacking major restrictions, such as waiting periods, mandated parental involvement or limitations on publicly funded abortions, found in other states. Here’s Newsy’s John Mone with more.

What’s Next In Post-Roe Era?

Jay and Jordan Sekulow, hosts of the American Center for Law and Justice, and the rest of their legal team, break down the historic Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and opine on what happens next in the fight for life in the post-Roe era.

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