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What’s Next In Post-Roe Era?

Jay and Jordan Sekulow, hosts of the American Center for Law and Justice, and the rest of their legal team, break down the historic Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and opine on what happens next in the fight for life in the post-Roe era.

New Mexico Rejects Dominion

RedPill 78’s Zak Paine reports that New Mexico officials in Otero County have withheld certification of last week’s primary election, which was conducted via Dominion Voting Systems.

Sourcing attorney David Clements’ podcast, Paine said that among the reasons for the action by the Otero County Commission was Dominion being out of compliance in New Mexico with codes and laws put in place by the Election Assistance Commission. Clements said officials are also looking into similar irregularities in Lincoln, Torrance and Sandoval counties.

Paine explains further, plus relates stunning news on the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense ordering the destruction of all documents related to Metabiota and the biolabs, President Trump’s reaction to the Jan. 6 hearings and the impending Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Court Packing Could End Us

Congressman Mike Lee tells Glenn Beck the recent leak of the Supreme Court’s abortion decision is part of a larger plan by the Left to delegitimize the judicial branch of government.

More succinctly, it’s another move forward to packing the court. If successful, Lee says, the court will become a political arm of the government rather than an arbitrary body to independently determine the meaning of law. Here’s more with Lee and Beck.

Juan O. Savin: Trump’s Return

Juan O. Savin joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast to update the status of the country. There’s no doubt, he says, that America is about to be tested like never before in the history of our nation, including some stunning shenanigans at the Supreme Court.

Was the court’s abortion ruling leaked to distract from the release of the movie 2000 Mules? And, more importantly, Savin addresses the rumor that sources have revealed several clerks working inside the Supreme Court have confirmed the justices will be hearing the case to reinstate President Trump to his rightful place in the White House. He explains, plus brings us more of his insight. Video courtesy of Lighthouse.

Justice Roberts The Leaker?

Alex Jones bluntly asserts that John Roberts leaked the Supreme Court’s draft of the abortion decision. It’s common knowledge among patriots that the chief justice is blackmailed, compromised and a Deep Stater, who has used his lofty position on SCOTUS to advance many liberal causes.

Jones gives us his analysis, welcomes U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to the show and shares updates on major intel.

Beware Of Synthetic Narratives

Because the Deep State is down to its last line of defense, Truth and Art TV’s Bernie Suarez warns to beware of the the synthetic narratives.

Case in point is a clip from CNN blaming patriots in advance of what it says will be massive riots in the streets across America in light of the looming Supreme Court decision on abortion. Says Suarez, “Because of this tremendous victory for those of us on the right, we are planning dangerous riots. You can’t make this stuff up.” Here’s his report on the reality of the situation.

Scalia’s Murder To Be Exposed

Rick Rene, host of Blessed To Teach, says he strongly believes the murder of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is about to be exposed to the public.

Rene¬†says there’s more stunning insight from Julie Green’s prophecies:¬† “Scalia, this name will be in the news,” she says. “And truth regarding the Supreme Court justice’s death will be revealed, a cover-up that can’t be covered up any longer.”

Guided by the prophecy, Rene revisits a 2016 article by James Bailey titled, “Ten Disturbing Facts About Justice Scalia’s Death,” that will leave you thirsty for the truth. Here’s more.

Juan O. Savin: Deadman Switch

Juan O. Savin joins James Grundvig, of Unrestricted Truths, to update John McAfee’s Deadman Switch, following the huge leak that took place at the Supreme Court.

Savin reveals the disclosure of cryptic posts, ala Q mode, from McAfee’s old Instagram account, teasing release of damaging information for the Deep State. Could McAfee, himself, still be alive and posting? Savin brings us the details and digs into SCOTUS’ abortion reversal, its connection to similar issues in 1969 and the consequences for our country, plus more.

Will SCOTUS Gut Roe v. Wade?

When the Supreme Court decides the fate of Roe v. Wade this summer, will their decision call for a complete reversal of the law, or will it be watered down to where there’s little restriction on abortions. ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow, Jay Sekulow and senior counsel Frank Manion dig into the details and tell us what’s coming next.

Poll: 50% Want Biden Out

The American electorate–on both sides of the aisle–are fed up with bumblin’, stumblin’ Joe Biden. Patriot Reports says that according to the latest Rasmussen poll, courtesy of an article in RedState, people are moving away from just being angry and want action.

Rasmussen found that 50 percent of likely voters want Biden impeached over the southern border catastrophe and the Afghanistan withdrawal. Even more astounding, according to the poll, 50 percent of black people and 34 percent of Democrats support impeaching Biden. Here are more details from Patriot Report.

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