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The Trump-RFK Jr. Alliance

Patriot Underground reports that an interesting story is emerging in the covert alliance between Donald J. Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

He says reports indicate the White Hats have provided RFK with military documents for the last two years regarding sensitive information about Big Pharma. They include information connecting gain-of-function research to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and many of the three-letter agencies, who coordinated the entire Covid plandemic.

Patriot Underground says he steadfastly believes this is a covert operation to split the Democrat Party vote. “He’s been working with Trump all along,” he says. “This public distance between them is all optics. Now you look at the basic stances of Trump and RFK on substantive issues and you see that they are almost perfectly aligned.”

He explains further, plus offers his thoughts on Elon Musk’s new CEO, Operation Warp Speed intel, Project Bluebeam disclosure, Deep State desperation maneuvers and more.

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