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Biden’s Lackeys Raid Rudy

Beijing Biden’s lackeys raid the apartment of Rudy Giuliani as part of their persecutorial purge. This comes just as news leaks of Nick Fuentes being added to the No-Fly List.

Look for more on this nonsense as Biden’s team gains more confidence. He learnt from the master, Barack Obama, on how to amass the long arm of the FBI, the IRS and other federal agencies to attack political enemies.

Can we count on the feckless mainstream media to report these abuses? Do pigs fly? More from Styxhexenhammer666.

We’ll cover the empty speech from last night, and the Deep State’s Revenge raids on Rudy and others, the GOP’s choice for 2024, and the feds’ overreach in the Chauvin Trial. Don’t let the side show distract you—they are going down! More from Lori Colley.

The former New York City mayor Rudy Guiliani made his first public appearance since the raid, speaking on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News. He discusses exactly what happened when his home was raided by federal law enforcement.

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Border Backfire!

Former President Donald Trump has blasted the Biden administration as the Border crisis explodes. Just what did the Democrats hope to accomplish by encouraging illegals to flagrantly break the laws of the United States? Of course, these retards wanted the votes of the illegals. But when you have to put thousands of children into cages, you’re not exactly being humanitarians. More from The Salty Cracker.

Meanwhile, news is leaking out. The Biden administration has already spent $87 million housing illegal migrants in hotels. This is occurring while Americans are being told to remain locked down in their homes because of Covid-19! Many people have no even received their stimulus check as the IRS fails dramatically. Meanwhile the border is being flooded as the United States experiences an immense Border Crisis. More from Mr. Obvious.

The Old Man And IRS Agent

Chick Wilfong’s Facebook page describes him as “the kind of guy that despises the liberal bastards who run Facebook,” but he sure has a knack for comedy, especially when telling his funniest joke ever.

In this presentation of the lighter side of life, courtesy of Fanatic Gaming, Wilfong unleashes one of his best performances, regarding the adventure of the Old Man and the IRS agent. Don’t snooze or you’ll miss the surprising ending.

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Facts About Stimulus Checks

The government sent out an unprecedented amount of money to help Americans deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s easy to tell if you received a payment, but it can be complicated to understand the finer details of the policy. And there are many.

Perhaps the biggest myth about government stimulus checks is that they are taxable. Not true. The money is considered a credit against your taxes. It actually reduces your taxable income in the form of a credit. Another beneficial fact for the taxpayers is that they will not be required to pay back the government for stimulus money received. Any further adjustments will be in their favor.

Here’s are more facts and fiction regarding stimulus checks from CNBC-TV.

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Why Wasn’t Obama Impeached?

Based on the impeachment standard for President Donald Trump, why wasn’t Barack Hussein Obama impeached? There was overwhelming evidence that the Obama Administration broke the law during two major scandals: the IRS’s illegal  targeting of conservative groups regarding tax-exempt status; and the Fast and Furious scandal, a sting by the feds to illegally smuggle guns into Mexico so agents could track them. Radio talk-show host Larry Elder takes a deeper look at the scandals and discusses whether Obama should have been impeached or whether a double-standard exists.

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Stop Human Trafficking

National Security Agency Whistleblower, Surveillance Expert and American Hero William Binney rejoins Sarah Westall’s program to discuss the power of the data the NSA holds. To date, the government has used this data to spy on its own citizens and to blackmail politicians and business leaders for their own purposes (think Tea Party and IRS).

But this does not have to be the case. The data can be used to stop human trafficking, mass shootings, treasonous blackmail, and many more crimes against the American people. The question is: Does our American leaders have the courage to do what is right?

Wacky Government Propaganda

Have you ever seen IRS agents waste $60,000 of taxpayer money to film Star Trek videos about subduing a planet of anarchists. How about a DARPA video dedicated to defeating the cyber threat from the “fictional” state of “Kuracq?” Or an internal (fake) news report from a war game scenario about a bioterror attack in the US . . . four months before such an attack took place? Well then you’re in for a treat in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch.  More from James Corbett on The Corbett Report.

Election Isn’t Going to Be Close

Polls are starting to show: The 2020 election isn’t going to be close. Here’s why President Donald Trump is headed toward a landslide. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Of course, the Democrats are aware they are falling behind. How else explain their rush to remove President Donald Trump from the ballot?

Legislation in 17 states would remove the president from the 2020 presidential election ballot if he doesn’t release his tax returns. Trump has said his IRS returns are perfectly legal and his finances excellent, so why shouldn’t the president just release the documents to make the issue go away, and to shut up the Democrats? But if the U.S. Constitution has only two requirements for presidential eligibility — age and ‘natural born’ citizenship — can states really add another? More from Bill Whittle.

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Styxhexenhammer666 says these efforts to keep Trump off the ballot will fail. States lack constitutional authority to preclude him from the ballot because there is no federal law requiring presidential candidates to submit tax info. So all the Democrats pushing Trump removal are simply providing proof they are fascists and afraid.

Cheating by Illegals

Under former President Barack Obama, a loophole at the Internal Revenue Service allowed illegal aliens to fraudulently collect tax refunds for their children living in Mexico. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains how President Trump’s new tax plan is set to save Americans billions of dollars every year. Raspberries to former IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who allowed the gross cheating and screwed over hard-working Americans.

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Rosenstein Threatens Nunes

In a big government scandal – as we are in the midst of today – you never know what piece of evidence tips the scales and causes the suppression of the scandal to collapse and be fully exposed. For example, the Watergate scandal during the early 1970s revolved around very similar issues as does the ongoing scandal today – the abuse of power by President Barack Obama and his illegal use of the FBI, the CIA and the IRS to go after political opponents. Bill Still reports.

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