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Gene Decode: The Evil WHO

Gene Decode tells Patriot Power of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) sinister agenda to depopulate the planet, including its 10-year plan for infectious diseases.

Decode says the plan was hatched years ago, as evidenced in separate interviews in 2017 with Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci, who warned of major pandemic and bioterrorism outbreaks, four years before the Covid-19 fiasco. Here’s his update, plus more intel on other issues.

Booster Shot #17!

Spacebusters trickles into the lighter side of life with the following parody of the Covid-19 vaccinations, titled “Booster Shot #17.” Be prepared to laugh uncontrollably and, don’t forget to say, “Ouchy Fauci.!”

Crashing Economy On Purpose

Josh Sigurdson welcomes The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott to discuss the shocking move by the globalists to crash both the stock market and the economy on purpose in order to get us into the Great Reset agenda.

Sigurdson says the establishment has worked hard to commit people to subservience and eugenics in the last two years, which includes the faux Covid-19 pandemic, which Bill Gates says is far from over. Here’s more.

The Next Plandemic

The Covid-19 plandemic has been put to rest. Next up: the bird flu! World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports it’s another hoax, another trap by the Deep State to keep us enslaved. Here’s his report.

Pfizer Task Force Exposed

Pfizer created a task force of 600 people, and possibly as many as 1,800, to deal with adverse affects of the Covid-19 vaccinations. World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson digs into the details and also reports on the return of Dr. Anthony Fauci and his fear-mongering.

Did Fauci Shine Scientists?

Emails obtained by the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, appear to show Dr. Anthony Fauci may have acted to alter the views of dissenting scientists who believed that Covid-19 may have originated in a Chinese lab. Here’s more on the story from One America News’ John Hines.

HIV Spliced With Covid 19

Alex Jones says a new lab-grown version of HIV, spliced with Covid-19, has been released in the Netherlands as part of the globalists’ Phase 2 depopulation operations. While the breaking news is a stunner, Jones says Infowars predicted this outcome in early 2020.

“Two-plus years ago, we specifically, exactly predicted what they were going to do,” Jones says of the globalists. “How are you going to like a common cold virus you can’t escape that’s going to give you HIV? That’s really what Covid-19 is.” Jones explains further and is later joined by Dr. Peter McCullough, who destroys Covid myths and counters mainstream media lies regarding Joe Rogan.

Supremes KO Vax Mandates

The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a major blow to the Biden Administration, ruling its vaccine mandates unconstitutional. Despite the setback, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defiantly urged all businesses to continue with the mandates during her daily press conference.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s incessant lying has backed him into a corner and the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking saga is bringing down more heat on Prince Andrew. Will these two turn state’s evidence and sing like a bird? Stay tuned. Here more from the X22 Report.


Why Fauci Hasn’t Been Arrested

Stew Peters welcomes Dr. David Martin to discuss the rampant organized Covid crimes against humanity and why Dr. Anthony Fauci hasn’t been arrested for treason long ago.

Martin, who believes the Covid-19 pandemic is a complete hoax, says, “The Department of Justice has abjectly failed, including every U.S. attorney in the country. Every part of the DOJ’s antitrust division has been focused singularly on the social-media price fixing, as the fig leaf to hide behind what is, in fact, a much larger crime.” Martin explains the mess further on The Stew Peters Show.

Kennedy: It’s All On Fauci

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says Dr. Anthony Fauci basically got rid of early treatment when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out nearly two years ago to create a $98 billion vaccine industry. He says nearly 80 percent of people who were hospitalized, never should have been.

Shockingly, 45 percent of the FDA’s annual budget comes from pharmaceutical companies. “It’s kind of a seamless subsidiary of the industry,” Kennedy says. “We have 4.2 percent of the world’s population, but we had 20 percent of the Covid deaths. And that’s all on Anthony Fauci.” Here’s more from Kennedy, including how China got rid of Covid with aggressive early treatment.

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