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Meet The Epstein Fixer

What’s the connection between the late sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and the shadowy fixer extraordinaire J. Stanley Pottinger? How did Pottinger — the former boyfriend of Gloria Steinem — come to represent Epstein’s victims while having enjoyed a direct connection with Epstein in real life? What role did the CIA play in boosting both these men, as well as their sordid international deals, including Iranian arms sales?

Here, Newspaste investigative journalist Johnny Vedmore shares some of his research into Pottinger in a far-ranging interview on Jason Bermas’ show Making Sense of the Madness. Bermas, a veteran Epstein investigative himself, produces the show under the auspices of the American Media Periscope.

It runs a full hour, but you can easily break the show into half-hour segments and watch them over successive days if you don’t have the time to digest it all in one sitting.

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