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Elon Unmusked!

Several of our favorite researchers from the truth movement assemble to “unmusk” Elon Musk.

Is he a true freedom fighter or an icy cold warrior with deeply embedded ties to the Department of Defense? How much of what he says or does can we trust? How can we truly counter corruption and censorship?

This is an exceptional panel, including Jason Bermas, Ryan Christian, Whitney Webb and James Corbett. Derrick Broze serves as moderator. More from the Last American Vagabond.

Why Robots Are Dangerous

Listen to this AI Robot and ask yourself who would program such a thing? More from Jason Bermas.

Did The CIA Murder JFK?

There’s starting to be considerable evidence leaking out suggesting the CIA orchestrated the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy that fateful day on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

That’s shocking enough to ponder, but what’s even more startling: The deafening silence among the mainstream media about these reports.

What in tarnation is wrong with these so-called journalists? Does this whiff of scandal touch too close to home? More from Jason Bermas.

New Epstein Docs Unsealed

A large stack of Jeffrey Epstein-related court documents has been released, but like so much of what we’ve seen in the case, the documents have been heavily redacted to cover up the government, corporate, Hollywood and intelligence perpetrators. Here, Jason Bermas delivers a realty rant, describing what he refers to as “a digital blockchain hellscape.” He gets into Epstein as well as Ghislaine Maxwell and Harvey Weinstein, but many pertinent details remain to be discovered.

One Billion Dollars!

Hologram puppets and villainous settlements! Jason Bermas addresses the insanity of a Connecticut court ruling, tapping Infowars founder Alex Jones for a settlement of nearly $1 billion earmarked for eight Sandy Hook families from Newton, Conn.

The compensatory and actual damages spring from Jones’ coverage of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre. That’s the incident in which Adam Lanza allegedly shot and killed 26 people, many of them children.

Sandy Hook bears many of the trappings of a false flag. We’re not shocked Jones was charged, but the overreaching $967 million judgment is clearly excessive and punitive.

NASA Cyborgs 1963

A 1963 NASA study concludes that extended space travel would be extremely difficult for humans and suggests that cyborgs or robots ought to be sent on galactic missions instead. Here, Jason Bermas discusses the findings of the study, addressed in a seven-page NASA document called “Engineering Man for Space: The Cyborg Study.”

Rather than focusing on manned space missions, interplanetary travels should be done by cyborgs, the study reports.  The first planet targeted: Mars.


Manipulating Biotechnology

Riss Flex reports that Joe Biden’s most recent executive order on advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing innovation is not what it seems.

She welcomes investigative journalist Jason Bermas to the podcast, who says, “What they’re telling you is, we need biomedical, techno fascism. That’s what that is and we need to reduce the obstacles letting the government and corporations take control¬† of your literal biology.” Here’s explains further.


NWO Humiliation Rituals

Jason Bermas joins me to discuss the war that’s being waged on humanity, humiliation rituals and the 9/11false flag. More from the SGTReport.

Fresh Climate Change Insanity

Now that the covid pandemic is winding down, it’s becoming apparent that the radical Leftist government will be pushing climate change as its next monstrous goal. Here, in an inteview with Mel K, Jason Bermas discusses what he calls an “Orwellian” climate change push occurring under Joe Biden’s administration. What’s this campaign involve?

All of the energy sources favored in Blue states — like solar, wind and geothermal energy — are being pushed. Meanwhile, the federal government is now actively trying to shut down diesel, oil-driven and natural gas energy sources, just as the government has stamped out coal and nuclear energy.

Bernas covers a lot of ground, and gets into “deep fakes” involving Joe Biden. Is he Frankenstein Jr.? An amphetamine-riddled freak? Just a manipulative clone? We don;’t know and who knows if we ever will be able to sort out the madness.

Bizarre Island Nation Of Lamb

There are many hucksters and con men who have worked for the CIA and Mossad, but few of them as brazen as Uri Geller. Here, we come to a greater understanding of the scams he attempted to pull off, specifically as applies to the bizarre island nation of Lamb. More from Jason Bermas.

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