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9/11: Was Deep State To Blame?

In conjunction with today’s 20th anniversary of 9/11, Riss Flex replays Fabled Enemies, the riveting Internet documentary directed and edited by independent journalist Jason Bermas. The film questions the official narrative of the most horrific attack on American soil in history and delves into the cover-up that followed.

The doc also reveals how evidence was quashed and witnesses silenced, thwarting information that pointed to the complicity of many high-level government players in the disaster, such as President George H.W. Bush, President George H. Bush, then Sen. Joe Biden, then Vice-President Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice, among others. Incontrovertible proof exists that the Bush Administration was alerted to this type of attack weeks, if not months, in advance. Days before the siege, NORAD was conducting terror drills with the exact scenario of  hijacked planes.

The documentary also addresses the bankrolling of Osama bin Laden and the five Israeli operatives who suspiciously infiltrated many government agencies prior to 9/11. Says Flex, “By sharing this video, I hope we can gather as a collective to press for these key players to be investigated for the reasons listed in this video.” Here’s the video and please judge the material for yourself.

Epstein’s Relations With Gates

We all know Bill Gates hung around with serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. But while their relationship has been acknowledged in the mainstream media, you don’t exactly see the press explaining why someone as powerful as Gates would hang around a pedophile like Epstein. Was Epstein Gates’ friend or his supplier? How did they spend time together? What did they do? How did Ghislaine Maxwell figure into their relationship? How about the World Economic Forum and nation states like Israel?

Here, with a more detailed summary, is investigative reporter Whitney Webb. She’s now living in Wales, after having had to leave Chile, owing to that nation’s draconian covid-19 laws. She’s interviewed by Jason Bermas.

2 Minutes Of Truth

The Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced a new center to prevent and prosecute instances of human trafficking and slavery. At the press conference to unveil the center, not a single member of the press stepped forward to ask any questions about this new effort. The lazy, cowardly slobs couldn’t care less about sex trafficking or child trafficking. Figures, coming from a bunch of nincompoops. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Thursday, new documents were released showing the court depositions taken of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s madam and procuress, in 2016.  There are many gaps in the testimony. This is not only because Maxwell claims not to remember pertinent details or facts more than 50 times, but also there are a considerable number of redactions in the text. Even so, there is testimony that pertains to some of Epstein’s biggest and most notorious fans, including Bill Clinton.

Also, it’s clear from what Maxwell says that there was a connection between Epstein and the CIA. This needs to be explored further. Has our own CIA been involved in some of the world’s most despicable child trafficking, sexual abuse and torture? If so, time to bring down the hammer on that agency. What they appear to have done is entirely unacceptable. Period. More from Jason Bermas.

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McAllister TV reacts to the latest Q posts, including a sound-out to Virginia Giuffre, who has been among the most vocal of Jeffrey Epstein’s former slaves now describing the maze of underground tunnels and cages housing prisoners on his Caribbean Island — Little St. James Island. Otherwise,m McAllister TV gets into the rapidly evolving web of scandal surrounding Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Already, we’ve heard about the bribes the Bidens received from the Ukraine, Russia and China.

Coming up: Evidence linking the Bidens to corruptions in Kazakhstan and Romania. How many other nations did they work their deals? How many other Democrats — and errant Republicans — are involved? Will the mainstream media ever cover the corruption or continue to shield the culprits?


Battle Of The Johns

Jason Bermas says he’s been super-skeptical of the prolonged corruption investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham, even admitting he’s not expecting any arrests as has been the alternative media scuttlebutt. But now that former Obama Administration CIA Director John Brennan is squarely in the crosshairs of the Durham probe, Bermas is changing his tune. “John Brennan has now been in the hot seat for eight hours,” Bermas says. “And although John Durham is saying he’s not a suspect, you have to wonder whether or not the purpose of this interview was basically to get Brennan to lie on the record.”

It’s akin to  the perjury trap perpetrated on Michael Flynn and other Trump associates. Could this be the takedown we’ve expected from the Trump Administration? Stay tuned, as the Battle of the Johns continues. Bermas gives us more on the Brennan interview, details on Internet censorship and the real truth about Seth Rich and his association with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

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Bizarre Shadow Gate Saga

The Shadow Gate saga keeps getting more bizarre. Now Alex Jones is distancing himself from Millie Weaver, the InfoWars free-lancer who served as executive producer, writer and host of the Deep State documentary. Jones hasn’t dropped the film, though, like YouTube did.

Here, Lift the Veil brings us up to date on the charges filed against Weaver. None involved the release of the film. All came about from a domestic dispute that occurred in April with her mother, Felicia McCarron, a California real estate agent, who came to live for a spell at the Portage County, Ohio, home that Weaver shares with her husband, Gavin Wince, and a brother, Charlie Weaver. Those two also were arrested. While the arrests supposedly had nothing to do with the film, they occurred on the day the film was scheduled to be released, leaving one to ponder.

And simultaneously, in North Dakota, state Attorney General’s charges also were being brought to bear against Tore Says, one of the whistleblowers interviewed in the film. Apparently, her full name is Terpsehore Maras Lindeman. Again, these charges were not related to Shadow Gate, except the timing.

Given the number of charges and their timing, you could reasonably conclude that the Deep State meant to silence these individuals. To compound the mysteries, Lift the Veil also found child sexual abuse charges being brought against Tore’s husband, Barry Mervyn Lindeman. This is quite the web. How much deeper will this story go?

Has Alex Jones left Millie Weaver for Roger Stone? Jason Bermas explores the rapidly-evolving Shadow Gate fallout. Hard to say how it will end or where it might lead.

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Bombshell Clinton Pix Surface

Bombshell new photos of Bill Clinton getting massaged by a Jeffrey Epstein victim surface! American media is silent, of course! They no longer report the news, only provide cover for the corrupt Democrats! More from Jason Bermas.

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The massage occurred as Bill Clinton joined Jeffrey Epstein on board the Lolita Express on a trip to Africa in 2002. Clinton complained of having a stiff neck. he asked 22-year-old Chauntae Davies, “Would you mind giving it a crack?” More from Salty Cracker.

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Meanwhile, Dark Outpost host Dave Zublick says Jeffrey Epstein was licensed by the Feds to launder money and traffic underage girls. He did not commit suicide, nor was he killed. In a Dark Outpost exclusive, we’ll tell you where he is living under the protection of the United States government.

You’ll have to wade more than one hour into the video to find out, so we’ll clue you in, assuming you don’t have time to waste. Zublick says the Justice Department and State Department worked with the US military to ferry Epstein to Greece. He is presumably still there.

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Masks At Home

Health officials are telling Massachusetts residents to wear their masks at home, 24/7. Seriously. More from Liberty Doll.

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Zombie Joe and his Gang, including Kamala Vampiress, are demanding everyone wears face masks. That’s right! Face masks for Amerika! More from Jason Bermas.

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Did We See An InfoWars Hoax?

Many of you have seen the Shadow Gate video presented by Millie Weaver and her husband Gavin Wince. And you are all now worrying about Millie’s fate after she and Wince were supposedly arrested at their home in Diamond, a small community in Portage County in the upper northeastern corner of Ohio. But what if this has been an elaborate hoax perpetrated by InfoWars to drum up an audience? That’s the look of things. Here, George Webb discusses why.

Webb is an investigative reporter who has been tracing this story for years. In fact, he not only met with, but raised money to help one of the key whistleblowers interviewed by Weaver — Patrick Bergy. The story Bergy presents is true, says Webb. There is a shadow gate, a deep-grounded CIA portal that has been used to influence elections across Europe and the rest of the world. And now, through the intervention of CIA Director John Brennan, this same apparatus has been used internally — within the United States — to try to change elections. Specifically, Brennan and his dirty crew sought to block the election of President Donald Trump in 2016 and ensure the election of Hillary Clinton.

So, the dangers alluded to in the film Shadow Gate are very real, and need to be widely reported. But you do have to question if InfoWars is the correct outlet to lead that coverage. You see, Webb says much of this story has been obfuscated by InfoWars. Webb talked with Weaver’s mother and believes details surrounding her arrest might have been muddied. We’ll see soon enough, as she’s scheduled along with Wince to face charges today in Portage County. We’ll have updates as they become available.


Jason Bermas also offers his responses to Shadow Gate as well as the cast of characters involved in breaking this story — Millie Weaver, Tore, Patrick Bergy and Alex Jones. He doesn’t really try to prove or disprove the film, only to share a few observations, possibly practical and useful.

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We found a second Jason Bermas video where he talks more about the film, and says he hopes to do a full review in the future. We’ll try to present it as well. We usually find Jason’s takes to be accurate and discerning.

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The Madness Of Jodorowsky

Jay Dyer joins Jason Bermas for a decoding of The Holy Mountain, the surreal 1973 fantasy film shot in Mexico, but directed and written by Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky. He is probably best known for his earlier work El Topo.

The IMDB — the Internet Movie Database — describes The Holy Mountain: “In a corrupt, greed-fueled world, a powerful alchemist leads a Christ-like character and seven materialistic figures to the Holy Mountain, where they hope to achieve enlightenment.”

Prior to this decoding, YouTube removed a video that Bermas made about The Holy Mountain. Yet the social media platform hasn’t removed scenes from this scatological movie that includes animal sex, naked children, and many other shocking images. Here, Dyer and Bermas explore the bizarre and occult meanings of these scenes. The two should probably do other films as well — they are quite good together.

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Ghislaine: What Happens Next?

Now that Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested, what can we expect next? Will there be other arrests tied to Jeffrey Epstein? Or will the prosecutors hone in on Maxwell, the former girlfriend of Epstein facing charges that she procured and trafficked underage girls for him? To uncover more on the case, WeAreChange interviews Shaun Attwood, a British journalist who has probably created more YouTube videos about Epstein and Maxwell than anyone else. Attwood has bird-dogged the case from the beginning, generating more than 300 videos, so his observations carry some weight.

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Here is Jason Bermas’ update. She wasn’t in Israel, France or somewhere else overseas. She had been in New Hampshire. Bermas is now heading up there to try to dig up more background on her.

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Whitney Webb also has been covering the Epstein case extensively. Here, she discusses the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell and how she expects the prosecution to unfold. She expects a show trial, one that’s drawn-out, but not necessarily generating day by day coverage. The press has certainly avoided the nitty-gritty details of the Epstein saga, no doubt because there are high-level journalists implicated. Here, Webb talks over the case with Elwood Graham from The Political Vigilante.

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For those wanting to dive in deeper, the NPC Show offers an hour-and-a-half program  covering the arrest and charging of Ghislaine Maxwell. She had been holed up in Bradford, a small town of less than 2,000 residents, within the northeastern woods of New Hampshire. She faces six counts, not only charging her with trafficking young girls for Epstein but also with committing perjury about her crimes. The question on everyone’s mind: Will she sing like a caged bird?

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