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Alien Tech Fragments Found?

Harvard professor Avi Loeb may have his hands on fragments of alien technology from a meteor that landed in the waters of Papua New Guinea in 2014. He previously conducted a study on the origins of the interstellar object Oumuamua, alluding to the fact that evidence indicates it could be a probe sent here on a “reconnaissance mission.” Now, Loeb has been accused of STEALING the fragments, but is this a distraction from his claims being true?

In this episode, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts take a deep dive into history and share UFO or “airship” reports dating back to the 19th century. What were the strange lights spotted in the sky that looked like giant birds, spotted before airplanes took to the air?

In other news, giant, stone artifacts baffle scientists because they can’t understand the purpose of these large tools supposedly too big for ancient human beings. Scientists also now have material that’s stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum—could this, too, be from alien technology? Here’s more from The Edge of Wonder.

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