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Bermuda Triangle Secrets

Christian 21 returns for another installment. The Bermuda Triangle hides a draconian base below! Bermuda Triangle explained! All disks are run like the cartels and dirty government!

Biden, Branson and Epstein are all hundreds of years old! 9-11 breakdown! Negative ETs were there! Michael Jackson saved by Trump! More from McAllister TV.

The “Woo” Redpill Video

Sarge from Icons shares a powerful video that strongly suggests we are being visited by extraterrestrial beings. Either that or the U.S. Air Force has some new spacey creations that they have yet to divulge to the public.

JFK Started The Q Movement!

In the future, clones will be outlawed! It’s part of a pro-human agenda that is also seeing the destruction of the Reptilians. The chemtrails we have all seen are helping us, while suppressing Reptilians. These are among the many secrets that Christian 21 shares with Linda Paris in this new edition of McAllister TV.

Also disclosed: John F. Kennedy was never assassinated! Positive ETs protected him. Some 26 Reptilian families were involved in bringing him to safety, families whose exploits we’ve never heard of! He has remained alive and served as Q+, the head of the Q team! It’s a much bigger undertaking than you can ever imagine!

Now, that they have begun to release the truth, they will focus next on dismantling the Dome! This is the first in a two-part video. Other topics covered: Demonic planets and how demons rule the Reptilians! Bundy’s 7th bloodline!

Byrd’s Nephew Talks ETs

Meet Harley Byrd, the late Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s nephew. During his career in the U.S military, Harley held “ULTRA 3” clearance, which gave him access to highly classified UFO/ET projects. In this archived interview from Ted Loman’s UFOAZ Talk Series, Harley shares his knowledge about his uncle’s mission to “inner earth”, before disclosing classified projects he was assigned to.

Harley Byrd is interviewed by Linda Moulton Howe, who has spent her life hunting the truth about ET activity and government cover-ups. In this brand new, highly popular series Truth Hunter, she brings to light details you may have never heard about prominent UFO cases and extraterrestrial contacts. Here, Harley and Linda touch upon Dulce, as well as Reptilians, Greys and assorted UFO projects. More from Zohar StarGate TV.

Is “Q” Connected To God Source?

Is the Q-Anon operation connected to a divine source? Are there off-planet contributors? Is there a quantum computer involved? Join Laura Greenwood from Laura’s View and Tarot Too and McAllister TV’s Linda Paris. We ask the cards what the universe has to say!

Fort Riley’s Alien Coffins!

Fort Riley: Alien coffins in a Kansas warehouse! Dem Election Carnage! Grey manipulation of Human DNA! The Day After Roswell! The agenda for humans! More from McAllister TV.

Yeah, right.

As the world grows uglier, Clif High goes on a cleaning binge. He sees growing failures among the banking and credit institutions, as Federal Reserve notes take a greater hit. But High also has been watching a lot of videos, including a new pod appearance by Steven Greer, founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). We have added that video below so you can watch it yourself if you’re so inclined.

Also covered here: Penny Kelly, Boston University, Corey Goode and C. Freeks.

Here is Steven Greer’s appearance on the podcast Theories of Everything, hosted by Curt Jaimungal. Greer gets into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), the CE5 protocols involving how to establish contact with extraterrestrials, the Skinwalker Ranch, open-source free energy, cattle mutilations and disinformation, among many other related topics.

Antarctica Alien Bases!

Antarctica Nazi Alien bases! Admiral Byrd Secret Intel! Hidden Lizard City under Los Angeles! Hybrid armies on alien bases in Antarctica! Most recent video from Antarctica! Reptilian plans! Reptilians will not eat a dead human! The Dead are here now! They won’t come up here and kill humans…as long as our government feeds them down there! More from McAllister TV.

Kerry Snuff Film! Fly Swatting!

Al Gore blood suitcases! John Kerry snuff film! Skull and Bones! Geronimo’s Skull! Sam Kinison! Dragon Dynasties! Code Word Hillbilly! Dew Weapons! Vatican! Putin threatening London! Q-Mega memes! Concerned trolls! Silence of the Lambs! More from McAllister TV.

Is CERN Alien Technology?

Elon Musk calls CERN a “demonic technology unlike anything the world has ever seen.” What alien tech are scientists already using? The Pentagon admits it has off-world vehicles not made on this earth.

Why is UFO activity so high around military bases? Join Ben and Rob for an Edge of Wonder LIVE that’s out of this world.

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