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The Big Gap

As the Mother Weffers get exposed and lose power, as we come to realize the corruption of Old Guard scientists like Anthony Fauci, we are facing what Clif High is calling “The Big Gap.” What exactly is he talking about? The Big Gap is somewhat similar to the Brain Drain that happened in the 1960s when Americans paid top salaries for scientists and engineers, leading many of them to leave their homelands across Europe and Asia.

Now, many American institutions are captured by Communists, who are dumbing down the United States.  But there’s an active counterinsurgency here  — a movement that will win, defeating the stooge-like Communists, same as their globalist backers. The Big Gap will occur as we retake our institutions and have to rebuild them after vanquishing the Communists.

“The gap that is indeed forming now is an intelligence gap,” High says. He adds, “This gap is a smarts gap, but it is a very particular kind of smarts gap. We’ve got real problems here in the Western world because of the corruption, because the corruption has gone through all of the educational institutions as well as all of the scientific institutions.”

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