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Hidden Adrenochrome Racket

Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project, suckers Clayton Morris from Redacted to hide the adrenochrome trafficking of children. The fact of the matter is, contrary to Greer’s mound of lies, the U.S. government has been heavily involved in trafficking children.

Some of those trafficked have been exchanged with space aliens who kill, mutilate and cannibalize the proffered children. In return for their sustenance, the aliens have offered hi-tech innovations — like microwave ovens and quantum computers.

Not all missing children are given to aliens. We also have human parasites — like John Podesta, the Senior Advisor to President Joe Biden for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation — who have copied and duplicated the aliens’ bizarre eating habits. So this adrenochrome racket cuts in many different ways, and needs to be fully exposed. Here’s more from The Orion Lines.

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