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Fake News Losing Its Cool

Leftist media panelists at ABC panic over former President Donald Trump’s skyrocketing poll numbers, suggesting he will easily whip Joe Biden. Donna Brazile explains to George Stephanopoulos how Trump’s MAGA movement has made serious headway, especially among young Hispanic and black males.

In reality, Trump’s poll numbers aren’t shocking at all. Biden has been the absolute worst American president of our lifetimes. Not only corrupt, he has been singularly ineffective in dealing with any major issues, whether you’re talking about a stable economy or international entanglements like Ukraine. Why would young Hispanics and Blacks support a bozo who can’t perform his job, including providing a steady pool of jobs?

And who ever expected Brazile or Stephanopoulos to admit the truth? Brazile is a former Democratic National Committeewoman. Stephanopoulos is a former press secretary for President Bill Clinton. They’re just political hacks who should never have been hired to masquerade as unaffiliated journalists. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

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