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The Real Men In Black

In the following dated video, courtesy of NVTV,  former CIA counterintelligence agent, Joseph Spencer, blows the whistle on the clandestine and sinister operations of the “real Men in Black.”

Spencer, an operative from 1970 to 1997,  says he was aware of black-budget projects, but never new the context of them. Even the president was denied access, due to their high-level secrecy, he says.  Spencer says the projects dealt primarily with advancing military technologies, reversed-engineered from recovered alien crafts that crashed or were shot down.

Perhaps the most stunning black-project operation, Spencer says, revolved around the 8 million children that go missing in the world every year, one-third of them abducted by the federal government! He attests that the children are transported to 1,477 DUMBS around the planet, imprisoned for the rest of their lives and subjected to biological and genetic experiments.

Spencer says that in order to maintain secrecy throughout their operation, thousands of witnesses–men, women and children–were murdered. The majority of the victims were ufologists and whistleblowers. He says he was responsible for silencing Paul William Cooper and noted documentarian Samantha Willis.

Spencer says not every man in black was human. “About a third were alien hybrids he says.” He explains further and also discusses possibility of a fake alien invasion in 2024, plus more. As always, do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

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