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Earth Is Their Slaughterhouse

Intel, Part 2! Deciphering the Trump rally in Anchorage, Alaska! Trump, Diana, JFK Jr. and wife! Everyone humanity thinks is alive are dead. And everyone humanity thinks are dead are alive! Free energy waiting in the wings! Plasma holographs! Oval, disk-shaped Earth! North, if you fly into the north pole, you’ll come out in Antarctica and vice versa! Earth is their slaughterhouse! More from McAllister TV.

Border Children Missing!

Riss Flex reports that one-third of children migrating to the southern border are missing. She says authorities released the shocking numbers earlier this month, sending patrol agents and journalists to the border to find answers.

What they found was alarming. They discovered children aren’t with family, but traveling to the border in masses with single males. Flex says an emergency meeting was scheduled Sept. 25 in Granjeno, Texas, to discuss the dilemma. Here’s more with Flex.

Children Rescued in Charlotte

Riss Flex reports that child crimes in the country have escalated dramatically this month and some of the worst cases are happening in North Carolina. More troublesome, Flex says, her research reveals that the North Carolina General Assembly has conspired to make child crimes legal.

Tune in to hear more details on Flex’s probe, including the rescue of more than 150 children in Charlotte from trafficking and prostitution.

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Wayfair Trafficking Conspiracy

Emphasis on conspiracy. Take all the information provided with a grain of salt. I am just collecting and forwarding the information in a chronological and logical way for it to be easier to digest by the viewer. More from Memology 101.

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The RealWeekendWarrior amplifies on the Wayfair claims, and cites similar cases that have been brought against Amazon, Walmart and Etsy, all involving the trafficking of missing children.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Snopes has called this conspiracy into question and so have a few more credible Pizzagate researchers. We present it — not as gospel truth, but so the conspiracy can receive further research. There are tantalizing threads to the story, but also some elements that could be fraudalent. It’s going to take time and research to know if there is any substance to these claims.)

This Is Insane

Disturbing videos have been coming out of places like Australia, showing kids ripped away from parents for not following “social distancing” laws. More from Vincent James at The Red Elephants.


Alice in Virus Land. Why do the Leftists treat science as if it were a religion — something that cannot be challenged? Why must we all wear face masks when only a few months ago Dr. Anthony Fauci said they weren’t essential? More from Ramzpaul.


New York plans to hire an army of 17,000 government snitches to serve as spies and do contact tracing. More from We Are Change in a video called They Will Trace You.

Where Is Ray Chandler?

CirstenW and her friend, a Hollywood veteran, do a deep Q dive, asking “Where is Ray Chandler?” For those of you uninitiated in Q, Ray or Rachel Chandler served as a reputed “child handler ” for Jeffrey Epstein. It was Ray Chandler’s job to locate children to fulfill the Satanic wishes of Epstein’s guests. Some kids might be raped. Others murdered.

Chandler worked through the Midland Agency, a fashion house that she ran with Walter Pearce. Epstein paid most of the costs of operating the firm. They did not just find American street children to take to Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the Caribbean.

Some of these “models” — from places like Haiti or Puerto Rico — would be shipped in cargo containers to Los Angeles, then through tunnels to the Standard Hotel. Likewise, shipments of kids occurred in New York through the Manhattan Hell’s Kitchen district, again via shipping containers, docking around Pier 90 — near where the hospital ship Comfort is now located.

Ray or Rachel Chandler belonged to the famed Chandler family that in a long-ago era owned the Los Angeles Times.

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We are just beginning to learn: Many in our government are Satan worshipers. They have not only conspired against us. They meant to bring down our nation and exalt the prince of darkness. One way to identify these individuals: The Hidden Hand, seen in many paintings and historical photographs. Now, these responsible individuals and institutions must be pulled aside so they can be punished for their crimes, especially those they have directed against children and the innocent. More from The Patriot Hour.

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How have New York pedophiles fulfilled their thirst for young flesh? Missing children have been abducted by private licensed corporations that pretend to be the government. The New York government not only is aware of this double-phased arrangement but condones it, so is complicit in the scam. Timothy Charles Holmseth explains how it’s been done, involving corruption abd child protective services.

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Microsoft Presents Spirit Cooker

Microsoft has now aligned itself with Marina Abramovic, the Spirit Cooking witch so enamored among the illuminati of Hollywood. Says Microsoft, “Arguably the world’s most acclaimed performance artist, Marina Abramović explores the medium of mixed reality with HoloLens 2 in The Life. This piece will also be the first-ever mixed reality artwork to go to auction, when it’s presented by Christie’s in October 2020.”

As if anyone needed any other evidence that Bill Gates means evil and cannot be trusted. High time he is brought to justice for whatever crimes he committed in his six known flights on board Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express. This includes visits to the Little St. James Island reserve, where Epstein entertained the child murdering elite in the Caribbean!

(PS: Microsoft withdrew the Abramovic video after thousands of posters gave the work negative marks and comments.)

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Microsoft Does NOT Want You To See This Video! More from We Are Change.

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Here’s a new report from TestingtheNarrative, covering, with verified sources:

  • Covid-19 Update.
  • Military Training Underground
  • Forgotten underground places and an Artificial Cave 200 feet beneath Central Park and Michael Bloomberg’s influence.
  • $36 million from US Attorney to fight Human Trafficking, Assist Victims
  • Mercy and Comfort Rescue Team. Who are they really rescuing?
  • What has Trump been pointing and signaling since 2012 and carried out in orders?
  • More information on tunnels and underground facilities.
  • Connectors to the almost 1 million children missing each year from the United States and 10 million enslaved children worldwide.
  • Trump’s evacuation and rescue team.

Trust Carol Anne’s Instincts

Carol Anne Freeling (Heather O’Rourke) from Poltergeist bumps into a strange man while out shopping with her mom (Jobeth Williams). We have to trust Carol Anne’s instincts, what with #creepyJoe tracking her every movement. More from Something Wicked.

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Many rock stars were pedophiles. They didn’t think twice about screwing 12 and 13-year-old girls. Don’t believe us? Listen and learn. More from Gavin McInnes.

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Why do as many as 800,000 American children go missing every year? You can thank Hollywood for that. It’s full of huffers and baby humpers who have been preying upon our kids. They did it at Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Island. They have been doing it for more than 100 years. But their reign of terror is about to end.

A Case of #Doughnutgate

Remember Pizzagate? Pizza shop owners aren’t the only ones with a flippant attitude about pedophilia. The same affliction applies to Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon.

No one should be surprised by the fact that Oregon has more missing kids — on average — than any other state in the lower 48. The only states with comparably and outrageously high totals: Arizona and Alaska.

You can’t expect otherwise when businesses are this crass and crude in joking about pedophilia.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed and censored this video. In its absence we present this comparable video from BitChute.)

And speaking of paranoia, remember the stories of Al Gore, wandering around the country, packing a suitcase full of blood?

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