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Maui School Buses Found?

The wild reports of missing children in the aftermath of the devastating fires in Maui has taken another strange twist.

In the following TikTok video, courtesy of Mith Chronicler, a  man who describes himself as working for the “Secret Services,” alleges he stumbled upon a fleet of school buses at an undisclosed military installation in Hawaii. He claims these were buses evacuated from the fire by military professionals. “I’ve probably already said too much,” the man says. “If you’re looking for the children, they’re probably somewhere in the general facility.”

And to further add mystery to the story, the man points out a billboard adjacent to the facility that reads: “Learn about adopting a teen. Find your shazamily.” Says Mith Chronicler, “It’s not just a coincidental type thing. In my mind, I believe it’s advertisement, so people who are looking to buy these children know they are in the right place.” Here’s more, and please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

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4 thoughts on “Maui School Buses Found?

  1. Can the Lahaina tragedy get any darker?

    • Evil knows no bounds, especially when desperation sets in. On the bright side, there are reports that White Hat Special Forces have taken control of the military installation, rescuing many of the children.

  2. It’s become VERY dark, I and mine are all over this, someone must bear witness…

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