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TikTok And #Idiocracy 4

Today we explore deranged circus clowns who use TikTok. More from JoeyBToonz.

Reverse Course On Education

The United States used to have one of the best education systems across the entire planet. Now, our public schools are in shambles. There’s no critical thinking being taught, only rote memorization usually of senseless data. Here, Styxhexhenhammer calls for a sea change in how schools operate.

First and foremost, he proposes we return to the days when local governments and states ran controlled their own schools. It’s time for the lying, dog-faced, pony socialists in the federal government to butt out! Also, he proposes new measures that actually encourage and support home schooling as opposed to trying to wipe it out or criminalize it.

A second teacher has been placed on leave this week after admitting how she deceives and badgers her students. She is Kristen Pitzen of the Newport-Mesa United School District. Here, Mark Dice captures her Tik Tok videos, where she openly brags that she’s a liar and a scam. It’s little wonder more parents are realizing our public schools are run by con artists.

TikTok Admits: They’re Spying

To no one’s surprise, TikTok admits they are spying on you. Shock! Outrage! Mild Bemusement! More in a rant from RazorFist.

What A Time To Be Alive

Today we explore the most followed person on TikTok. More from JoeyBToonz.


TikTok And #Idiocracy II

Today we explore people who live in a TikTok house. More from joeybtoonz.


Who Are These People?

Today we explore something I simply can not explain. More from JoeyBToonz.

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The Meme That Crashes Twitter

Why the #Superstraight meme has crashed Twitter and also sent the Internet tumbling down. What began as a simple TikTok meme took on a larger-than-life persona after the Liberals took offense, as they always do, and proceeded to attack. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Rage Inducing Super Straight HILARIOUSLY Outs Woke Hypocrites & Causes SJW Rage! Twitter Meltdown! More from The Quartering.

Dancing For Doctors!

From the 4th Annual Fake News Awards, a commercial for a product that will help doctors with their most important struggle during these difficult times: improving their TikTok dance routines. More from Corbett Report Extras.

Enemy Is Being Exposed

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now being trapped. People are waking up around the world. They are reaching the point that they want change. The people are now waking up about what’s been happening with the children. Ghislaine Maxwell documents were released and it’s all falling apart for the elite. They are being exposed. Something big is about to drop. The enemy is now being exposed to the world. More from the X22 Report.

Destroying the Illusion jumps in with an update on Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Clinton and the latest Jeffrey Epstein revelations. Also, what’s up with he worldwide rallies against coronavirus restrictions. In this edition, done live, Jordan Sather also discusses Fauci, hydroxychloroquine, TikTok, the latest online censorship, UFOs and Q News.

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Bombshell! This one document explains exactly why the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Rodham Clinton created the Russian hoax. Also: More on China, Joe Biden and stimulus possibilities from Black Conservative Patriot.

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Welcome to the Revolution! CRROW777 and Clive de Carle join SGTReport to discuss the war for the soul of humanity, the cards the cabal have played and the cards they will likely play soon as they try to regain power over the people. But as CRROW explains, people are catching on quickly, the awakening is real, and all is not lost.

TikTok Ban

This video is about the popular app, TikTok, and the ban of it that is supposed to go live over the weekend. More specifically, this video is about the details of this ban that no one is talking about, and ultimately asking the question: What are we being distracted from today? More from Really Graceful.

This is going to be a very interesting day to say the least as Microsoft tries desperately to save the social media giant – TikTok. We all have heard: TikTok will be permanently banned. The Quartering discusses that likelihood, as well as a few options for saving it.

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