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Day The World Changes Forever

Clif High tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that a disturbing event is coming that will change the world forever. High has been monitoring Internet chatter, sifting through moments of tension as well as release. He believes “the date the world is changed forever” will occur sometime over the next seven months.

While it’s too early to predict the exact date, Rodriguez sees it happening “at or before April” of 2024. The event, he says, ” is going to surpass 9/11″ by at least an order of three, so expect it to be quite cataclysmic.  High does not say exactly what he sees coming, but he does project it “will probably change the financial systems.”

Rodriguez has uploaded the video on his website,, a pay-for-view site costing more than $700 to access. We have not paid that fee so we haven’t watched the video ourselves. Rodriguez says he will likely upload it to Rumble or Bitchute or both channels a few weeks from now, so when it surfaces, we’ll try to post it.

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