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Judge Cancels Trump Business

Just how deranged and corrupt are the members of the Democratic establishment of New York? We’ve seen the bizarre indictments against former President Donald Trump spearheaded by the fat slob Alvin Bragg, the New York County District Attorney, and Letitia James, the tranny who serves as New York State’s Attorney General.

But now Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron has staked out his position as the meanest, baddest, most vile and most corrupt of these New York politicians by canceling the certificates of Trump’s key businesses and ordering the Trump Organization to be dissolved. We’re running Engoron’s photo below so if you see this piece of trash walking down your street, you can pummel him with epithets. We don’t recommend you hurl rotten tomatoes or punch him, or else you could end in the slammer!

Here, Tim Pool and his panelists discuss Engoron’s latest debacle, masquerading as a court ruling. Obviously, New York needs to be cleaned up and cleared out from top to bottom. The state’s trailer trash political leadership is a disgrace upon our entire nation.

  So-called Judge Arthur Engoron

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