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Was Lady Diana Sacrificed?

Greg Reese reports that the shocking death of Lady Diana 25 years ago was a New World Order sacrifice.

Reese says that Diana initially survived the automobile crash in a Paris tunnel that killed her lover Dodi Fayed and the driver, but first responders alleged it took 40 minutes to extricate her from the car, though witnesses at the scene claim she was still conscious and unobstructed. Once in the ambulance, it took another 40 minutes to choose a hospital.

Reese reports that it took 40 minutes to reach the hospital only four miles away. Meanwhile, back at the crash site, cameras were confiscated, witnesses were strip-searched, no evidence was gathered and no blood samples were taken. Within a few hours, the crash site was sprayed down with high-pressure water hoses.

Years later, an investigation blamed a military-style attack for the crash. Was this military hit squad really to blame for Diana’s death, or was it something more sinister, such as a New World Order ritual sacrifice carried out by MI6? Here’s Reese with more details.

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