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More Malaysia 370 Evidence

More evidence is surfacing on the creepy disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in March 2014.

Greg Reese reports on a May 2014 YouTube video revealing a jet airliner on fire, trailed by three spiraling orbs. Seconds later, the orbs and jet disappear into thin air. A similar video, from a different angle, surfaced on the same channel a month later.

Reese says citizen journalist Ashton Forbes  and his team have researched the videos extensively and have provided evidence that they are legitimate, including digital forensics provided by CGI professionals. More from the Reese Report.

US: No Peace in Middle East

Greg Reese says despite Joe Biden’s terse statement that there is no possibility of a ceasefire in the Middle East and Donald J. Trump’s unwavering support of Israel, millions of people around the world have taken to the streets in one of the most peaceful anti-Israel peaceful protest ever.

America and its vassals stand alone with Israel. Reese says most people see this for what it is: an illegal occupation sliding toward genocide, which is good. “The world is on the brink of a Holy War and the only way to stop it is a mass awakening,” he says. Here’ his report.

Media Embedded With Hamas

Greg Reese reports that the Associated Press, CNN, The New York Times and Reuters all had journalists embedded with Hamas during their Oct. 7 raid on Israel.

Problem is, these are not journalists, but intelligence operatives likely planted by the corrupt CIA, which has controlled the mainstream media for decades. “This has been going on for sometime now,” Reese says. “The CIA has been exposed multiple times for creating terrorist groups, including Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, who were used to topple governments in the Middle East.”

In another shocking disclosure, Reese says that in 2015, former Israeli diplomat, Avraham Primor admitted on national television that Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, was responsible for creating Hamas. More from the Reese Report, courtesy of

Vaxxing Babies A Boon For Docs

For years, doctors have received bonuses for adherence to the latest drug-therapy protocol, including issuing dangerous medication known to be dangerous, such as statins and anti-depressants.

Greg Reese reports that now we know insurance companies are paying doctors to fully vaccinate your children. This program can be found in the Blue Cross Blue Shield doctor-incentives booklet and specifies that every patient under the age of 2 who receives the currently prescribed 24 inoculations is worth a $400 bonus for the doctor. More from the Reese Report.

WW III An Illuminati Plan

Greg Reese reports that just like all the past wars of the last 150 years, World War III is also a set-up by the Illuminati to usher in world domination, a one-world government and one-world religion.

Its goal is a world where humanity is under total enslavement at the mercy of the Beast System. Reese says it was all spelled out in a letter from Albert Pike to Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871, outlining a plan to foment three world wars to take over the world. Here are the details.

Was Lady Diana Sacrificed?

Greg Reese reports that the shocking death of Lady Diana 25 years ago was a New World Order sacrifice.

Reese says that Diana initially survived the automobile crash in a Paris tunnel that killed her lover Dodi Fayed and the driver, but first responders alleged it took 40 minutes to extricate her from the car, though witnesses at the scene claim she was still conscious and unobstructed. Once in the ambulance, it took another 40 minutes to choose a hospital.

Reese reports that it took 40 minutes to reach the hospital only four miles away. Meanwhile, back at the crash site, cameras were confiscated, witnesses were strip-searched, no evidence was gathered and no blood samples were taken. Within a few hours, the crash site was sprayed down with high-pressure water hoses.

Years later, an investigation blamed a military-style attack for the crash. Was this military hit squad really to blame for Diana’s death, or was it something more sinister, such as a New World Order ritual sacrifice carried out by MI6? Here’s Reese with more details.

Remote Viewers Predict Chaos

Greg Reese reports that remote viewers will play a significant role in the onset of potentially devastating events at year’s end.

Remote viewing, a term coined by the Department of Defense, is the art of viewing an unknown target at any distance within he mind’s eye and retrieving accurate data. Reese says that to refine the data, remote viewers work together as a team, a model that has proven successful in past projects.

Because of recent data retrievals, Reese says remote viewers are warning of a world-changing event at the end of the year. He explains further, plus features a clip of Clif High’s take on the remote-viewing process.

Elon: Epitome Of A Front Man

The Reese Report’s Greg Reese paints a different picture of Elon Musk’s rise to prominence, which seemingly skirts the dark side.

Reese reports that Musk’s meteoric rise to fame and fortune was sprinkled with half-truths and outright lies, even dating back to his upbringing in South Africa. He not only lied about growing up poor, when his family owned a lucrative emerald mine, but also fabricated facts about his college education and, later, his associations with Pay Pal and Tesla.

Reese now questions Musk’s true connection with Twitter and his sudden rebranding of the social-media giant. Is Elon really the epitome of a front man? Here’s more from the Reese Report.

Banking Collapse Has Begun

The Reese Report’s Greg Reese says banks are tumbling like dominos around the planet, many the result of corrupt governments, others from poor financial policy.

Banks in Nigeria and Lebanon have shuttered their doors, much to the chagrin of a rioting public. Meanwhile, the rise in Federal Reserve rates has killed America’s biggest lender, Silicon Valley Bank, destroying $152 billion in uninsured deposits. The pinch by the Fed also victimized Silver Gate Bank and many bank stocks have plummeted. Reese,¬† breaks down the dire collapse, plus bring more intel on current events.

Hunter Biden Linked To Biolabs

Citizens of the world have been receiving an advanced education on bioweapons, says Greg Reese, of the Reese Report. He adds that the very same crooks we see foisting the Great Reset medical tyranny, are involved in the Ukraine bioweapons labs, all funded with our tax dollars through the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

U.S. company Black & Veach has worked closely with DTRA, building bioweapons labs and share an office with Metabiota Inc. in Kyiv. Reese says further research reveals Metabiota got its start in 2015, with funding from Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, who ponied up $30 million to allegedly prevent the spread of epidemics. And the web of deceit goes on and on. Here’s more of Reese’s report, courtesy of Infowars.

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