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Trump Kids Ordered To Testify

Trump immediately responded to Judge Tanya Chutkan after being gagged (again) while his appeal is pending. In her order, Chutkan claims Trump is unlikely to succeed on the appeal and that her order is justified, allowing her to reimpose the gag.

Trump’s children are ordered to testify, with Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka scheduled to appear this week in Letitia James’ prosecution of the President. The political witch hunt continues into another week of trial with testimony from government witnesses, accounting figures and property valuations.

Colorado Judge Sarah B. Wallace refused to recuse herself from the Trump ballot case after being discovered to have donated $100 to a PAC dedicated to fighting insurrectionists. She made the donation just days before officially being appointed to a Judgeship by the Governor, leading many to suspect she knew what she was doing. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

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