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The Secret Group Revealed

Actor Taryn Manning, of Orange Is The New Black fame and ufologist David Wilcock revealed in separate interviews the existence of what they describe as a “secret group” that targets celebrities and people of influence.

Manning says the group approached her several times over the years and offered her the “golden juice,” promising she would live forever and have whatever she wants. Manning says that included unlimited amounts of money, fame and fortune, all in exchange for helping them out with her influential platform. Manning says she refused the offer, though another actor in the film accepted.

Wilcock, who was interviewed on the Danica Patrick podcast, says, “I was told I could do everything the way I do it now. And the only thing I would have to do different in order to get this money is to speak favorably about Lucifer.”

Meanwhile, Riss Flex reports that Britney Spears was initiated into a so-called secret group by Madonna early in her career. Flex takes a deeper dive into the alleged group into the alleged secret group, speculating that this may be a form of mysticism with access to black money bank accounts controlled by Jesuit priests. Here’s more, and please use your own judgement when viewing the video.

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