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Blanket Adrenochrome Blackout

All across the Internet, a blackout has been imposed to hide any references to the adrenochrome junkies running wild in Hollywood. This is not your ordinary scrubbing, but a nearly complete wipeout done with the full cooperation of the lying leftists at Snopes and Politfact who masquerade as “fact checkers.”

Why? Because some of the world’s most famous, as well as most powerful, individuals, have been involved in trafficking, brutalizing, torturing and murdering children. We have reported on these hideous high-jinks for half a decade now, while also pinpointing the culprits in film and television, the music, sports and fashion industries, politics, and even Fortune 500 corporations. It’s high time every last one of these miscreants was locked away and punished for their heinous crimes.

Here, McAllister TV host Linda Paris offers a cogent analysis of what she’s calling “Q-Adreno-Panic!” She names names, and delves into what’s been happening and the enormous depravity surrounding these fiends, including Madonna and Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey. In an intriguing aside, Paris questions whether Russell Brand is trying to expose these creeps or cover up for them. Is he a Rothschild, she asks?


MSNBC: The Meme Police

Remember when MSNBC freaked out every other day over President Donald Trump? Now the fake news channel is at it again, this time calling the U.S. Secret Service over that most heinous of threats: “Let’s Go Brandon.” Wonder if MSNBC called the Secret Service when Madonna, Johnny Depp or Robert DiNiro threatened to kill or beat up Donald Trump? Nah, just a bunch of Leftist pussies! More from The Salty Cracker.

MSNBC isn’t the only Leftist television station that is going apeshit. Here, Mark Dice outlines how “Let’s Go Brandon” has induced a total meltdown at CNN. One of these years, these stations will actually have to get back to honestly reporting the news. But don’t count on that happening in our lifetime.

Madonna The Head Baphomet

Madonna turns herself into more of a freak show, the older she [he] gets. How many times will this performer flash that putrid ass? What’s with all of the Masonic and Illuminati symbols?  Boring, bitch! Take a hike! More from bluewater.

Celebrities Facing Executions

Here is a long list of celebrities that have reportedly faced military tribunals.

In some cases, they have been executed. In other cases, they are under house arrest. Still others have chosen to collaborate with authorities and rat out individuals involved in child sex trafficking or human trafficking in general.

We have not verified whether the individuals identified here have faced trials and, if so, which have been executed and which have instead been jailed, presumably for life.

The roster comes from bluewater, an independent channel on Bitchute. Those identified include Marina Abramowitz, Courtney Love, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Naomi Campbell, Chrissy Teigen, Cher, Lady Gaga and Celine Dion. Also named: Madonna, Beyonce, Jay Z, Barbra Streisand, Nicole Kidman, and Justin Bieber.

Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey were both named as individuals who have been under house arrest.

The new video from McAllister TV features Sarge from Icons, who says the military has summoned 32 governors and informed them to stand down. Apparently 26 of the governors have done so, while six governors objected. We do not know the names of those six or what happened to them.

McAllister TV and Sarge from Icons have been discussing the military tribunals involving John Brennan and James Comey. McAllister TV host Linda Paris brings us up to date on the whistleblower JohnHeretoHelp or Jonathan McGreevey, who just dropped several bombs regarding tribunals in an interview on the The Stew Peters Show.

California had more than a dozen “earthquakes” over the past week. Were those actual earthquakes, or further operations to clean out the DUMBs or Deep Underground Military Bases? These DUMBs are where Globalists have been ferreting away children and subjecting them to gruesome experiments. Many of the kids are left dead or deformed.

Other topics discussed: Starlink and George Floyd mural destroyed by lightning. This is a two-part series. We will present the followup video Sunday or Monday, so stay tuned.


Isaac Kappy: The Present

Now’s an appropriate time to revive Isaac Kappy’s anthem focusing on the New World Order elites who control so much global business, including Hollywood and much of the corrupt American federal government.

How long before these child murderers face justice? How long will the limp press allow these killers to go unidentified and uncharged for their decades of brazen criminal activity? Why must children — society’s most innocent and defenseless citizens — be sacrificed to these greedy, adrenochrome-swilling pinheads?

Isaac Kappy helped many of us begin to see the vile, cannibalistic practices driving Hollywood scumbags like Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert DeNiro and Madonna. In return for divulging the truth, Kappy paid the supreme price — murdered along US70 near Bellemont, Arizona, while traveling from California to his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s time to show his efforts were not in vain.

Clones, Doubles And Trannies

Are the leaders and entertainers we trust in top levels of government and the entertainment world not really who they purport to be? Are we being hoodwinked by clones, doubles and trannies?

Join AMG-News Medeea Greere on a rabbit-hole collection of memes, ideas, photographs and evidence from the corrupt and sinister Illuminati/freemasons, 13 bloodlines and Deep State in their perilous journey to bring about The Great Reset. You will see evidence that will blow your mind and leave questions unanswered. Is Hillary Clinton still with us, or are we witnessing one of her many clones? The same can be asked about Barack Obama, The Royal Family, Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau, Adam Schiff, Madonna, Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence, among many others. “It’s a journey through reality and speculation,” Greere says. “One that will leave you both questioning reality and existence.” The video is courtesy of El Santuario Celestial, or The Heavenly Sanctuary, and please use your own discretion.

Insane Celebrity Covid Videos

Most of you remember the crazy celebrity videos that begin cropping up around the same time as the covid lockdown began. We saw David Spade, Ellen DeGeneres and Madonna all seemingly talking in code. They weren’t referencing covid, but rather seemed to be addressing the more secretive drug — adrenochrome — acquired from the glands of executed children.

How many of the Hollywood celebrities have become addicted to this drug? How do they obtain their fix? Has the CIA become involved in the transport of the drug, much as the agency handles meth, heroin and other narcotics?

Here, McAllister TV delves into these videos, and ponders their significance. We also see the strange sight of a shape-shifting Laura Ingraham. All is not as it seems.

Worst SJW Fails of 2020

The year is finally at an end, thank heavens. What better way to end a truly awful year than with some general hilarity? Everyone; I give you my top SJW fails of 2020, opening with Madonna wailing about fried fish and Nancy Pelosi showing off her favorite designer ice cream! More from Daisy Cousens.

Democrats, Media Blame Trump

Democrats and the lamestream media keep blaming President Donald Trump for the violence and riots in American cities. Who are they trying to fool?

These Leftist whiners have been pushing violence for the past four years. They have been advocating assassinating the President. Looting cities. Killing Trump supporters.

They have been paying for the looters who are destroying our cities. They not only give these miscreants “mad money” to burn, but also pay their bail bonds.

Remember the words of Robert DeNiro? Johnny Depp? Madonna?

Seems the Democrats started the fire, but now that it’s blazing and people are upset, they are afraid to own up and take responsibility for what they have done. Bunch of chicken shits! More from Mr. Obvious.

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Long Island Death Camp

Have the rich and famous Leftists of New York been running a death camp on Long Island? McAllister TV explores that possibility. Just like Jeffrey Epstein on Little St. James Island, the rich and famous have a separate and extremely isolated island — Shelter Island — full of preserves and isolated mansions. This island on the eastern end of Long Island is accessible only by ferry boats and private sailboats.

McAllister TV has received a tip that hundreds, if not thousands, of underaged Russian and Ukraine models have been transported to this island and murdered — devoured by the same cast of Leftist assholes who partied with Epstein on his Cannibal Island.

Chris Cuomo, the CNN anchor, has a house on the island. Andrew Cuomo lives nearby, as does George Soros and celebrities including Madonna.

Fewer than 2,500 people inhabit the island. Much of the transport there is via ferry from Greenport, a Suffolk County village.

Here, McAllister introduces the island, while promising to return to this topic for subsequent investigations. We will be following up as well. The violence being pushed by the Left in cities across the United States is but a diversion to draw our attention away from Epstein, his cannibalistic cabal, and how George Soros, his CIA cronies and assorted pedophiles and perverts have indulged in open murders and craven debauchery.

They are an eternal shame to our nation! Those who joined them or aided them in any fashion must all be exposed and punished for their crimes. They do not deserve to be walking among us.

Here is a map of Shelter Island, showing its close proximity to Greenport. Near the Greenport ferry pier, there is a Masonic lodge — Peconic Lodge 349.




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