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Manipulating Biotechnology

Riss Flex reports that Joe Biden’s most recent executive order on advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing innovation is not what it seems.

She welcomes investigative journalist Jason Bermas to the podcast, who says, “What they’re telling you is, we need biomedical, techno fascism. That’s what that is and we need to reduce the obstacles letting the government and corporations take control¬† of your literal biology.” Here’s explains further.


Another Politician Arrested

Riss Flex reports that former Nevada deputy attorney general Tudor Chirila was arrested in a cold case murder of a teenager 50 years ago, the second politician arrested in the Silver State this month.

Chirila, who had ties to the infamous Mustang Ranch brothel, was linked to the 1972 murder of the teenage girl in Hawaii through DNA evidence. He was arrested in Reno. Earlier in the month, Clark County administrator, Robert Telles, was arrested for the stabbing death of a Las Vegas journalist. Flex digs deeper into Chirila’s past and gives us her take on the turn of events.

Cartels Control It All

Riss Flex dives into the sensitive issue of the cartels that control the world’s most precious assets, spearheaded by the five major emerging economies known as BRICS–Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa–and the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), not to mention OPEC.

Think a variety of markets–oil and gas, currency and food commodities. They control it all. Here’s Flex with more.


The Plot Thickens

Riss Flex digs into some sneaky editing on the cover of the January 2021 issue of Architectural Digest. The magazine features a remodeled $42 million mansion in San Francisco on the cover, though several ancient sculptures are suspiciously cropped out of the picture. Turns out the items were stone relics stolen from sacred sites in Cambodia. Flex brings us the story, plus more.

Cleaning Up New Mexico

Riss Flex reports that there appears to be more to the devastating northern New Mexico fires than meets the eye. The blazes burned hundreds of thousands of acres, primarily near the Las Vegas and Mora communities, not to mention destroying hundreds of homes and displacing many residents.

Flex says that not only did the fires emanate from a controlled burn by the U.S. Forest Service, they were also set in Calf Canyon, which contains the largest cattle ranches in the country. She notes the seemingly nefarious connection to the globalists’ Great Reset narrative of discouraging meat diets in favor of eating insects, while they also scarf up farmland at an alarming rate.

Flex digs deeply into the property owners of the area–two who owned large ranches and the other a proprietor of a Hollywood movie set. All three owners–Dr. Henry Singleton and Max Lee Kiehne, who have since died, and Tom Ford, were major Democrat Party donors. In another suspicious twist to the story, all three properties border Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch. Is there a sinister connection lurking? Here’s Flex with more and, as always, judge the material for yourself.

Salvation Army Does What?

It appears the Salvation Army has pulled a fast one on the government and public. Riss Flex says they claim to be a religious institution, but evidence is mounting that they are no more than a militant religious group employing slave labor.

For starters, Flex reports, the Salvation Army refers to all their high-level people in military terms, such as lieutenant, major, and calls their stores and buildings temples. Flex says they claim to help people that are vulnerable, though they cut a deal with the government, where they have people work for them for free. The employees are usually people participating in rehab programs, who are given the option of working with the Salvation Army in lieu of going to jail. Flex explains.

Hollywood’s Greatest Secret

In a wild story that shines light into the dark reality of the world, Riss Flex reports the corruption surrounding the container cargo ship industry, which shockingly connects the United States, Canada, numerous politicians and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Hollywood.

To no one’s surprise, the story takes root in Chicagoland, with its political connection to the Teamsters unions, which control and unload all cargo containers in the U.S. and Canada. Flex says the story took a shady turn when she discovered the Hollywood connection. Here’s what she found out.

The End Of The Game

Riss Flex reports that former Navy Seal and whistleblower Bill Brockbrader is apparently still on the run from authorities for discussing sensitive government information, including technology developed to view future events.

Flex says Brockbrader spilled the beans a few years ago, then mysteriously disappeared. Among the topics he spoke about was the Looking Glass technology, in which converging timelines pointed to a huge, inevitable event in the nearby future. In a clip from his recording, Brockbrader says he believes the event is the awakening process. “It all results in us all learning the truth and becoming aware of this massive dam of lies that have been built,” he says. Here more with Flex, and, as always, do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

They Can’t Hide Everything

Riss Flex digs into a couple of stories that didn’t get their just due on the mainstream airwaves, much less any in-depth coverage.

Flex says it turns out that retired cop Aaron Salter Jr., who was one of 10 victims in the Buffalo supermarket shooting, had patented a water-based system to power automobiles. The invention drew immediate interest from the Pentagon, Flex says. “Technology has been suppressed for a very long time … and it just makes you wonder why anything isn’t being powered from water, something we already have at our house. It’s because you can’t profit from it, plain and simple.”

Flex explains further, plus brings us more weird news of the day, including a new end-of-times prediction and the mysterious drowning death of model Ashley Hayes, who was linked to Mark Middleton, the former advisor and confidant of the Clintons who was recently found shot to death and hanged.

Mind-Control Phenomenon

Riss Flex delves into the the mind-control phenomenon, spurred by CIA MK-Ultra experiments in the 1950s and 1960s, and how it still is affecting Americans to this day. “I find it extremely applicable, given the current events in the news,” she says.

Flex features clips from Roseanne Barr and Dave Chappelle discussing how MK-Ultra rules Hollywood, and is widely prevalent in the entertainment industry and recounts how the CIA infiltrated academia with their mind-control methods. She explains further.

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