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This Must Stop Now!

Riss Flex reports on a Florida law that exempts foster homes from state oversight because of religion. She says Florida is one of five states, where if a home is considered faith-based, no one is required by law to visit and document possible allegations of abuse.

Flex was alerted to the law in light of the recent case, where nine boys were removed from a Clearwater foster home because of allegations that were sexual in nature.  Alarmingly, Flex says, the religious exemption still exists! Here’s her report.

DeSantis Allies Find Trouble

Riss Flex reports that another Ron DeSantis ally has been tied to sex trafficking. Kent Stermon, a major political donor who headed DeSantis’ transition team and was found dead in his truck from an apparent suicide, only recently had been under investigation by the Jacksonville, Fla., Sheriff’s Department for sexual misconduct.

Flex says DeSantis confidant Joe Greenberg was recently indicted for child sex trafficking in Seminole County, Fla. Are these just separate coincidences, or is there a connection between the Florida governor with these miscreants? Flex explains further, plus discusses ties to Jeffrey Epstein and 9/11.

The Gaslighting Of America

Author Dan Shyti tells Riss Flex that there are definitely parties interested in destroying the American identity.

Shyti, who authored American Gaslighting: How American is Being Systematically Taught to Hate Itself, says their goal is to sweep away traditional values and hopefully get people to become more passive, submissive and doing what the government tells them without questioning. Here’s more.

Shadow Government In Control

French billionaire Phillippe Argellier claims he has four databases that expose 38 individuals who run a global shadow government and one of those is Bill Gates.

What is a shadow government? Argellier says it’s actually a body of individuals giving official orders to the elected government. While this may be hard to believe for many,  Argellier says the shadow government is composed of the highest-ranking individuals in finance and politics, including heads of state. He explicitly stated the Biden Administration is under control of this government. “I can confirm this without hesitation, based upon the information that I have,” he says. More from Argellier and Flex.

Globalist Elite Funding DeSantis

Riss Flex reports that globalist billionaires are behind the presidential aspirations of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. She says that according to a Twitter user called Traditional Catholic, the people supporting DeSantis are a Who’s Who of America Last financiers, whose agenda is derailing President Trump populism and the GOP.

Flex brings us details, plus reveals a bombshell Financial Times report of a $7 million item on the FTX balance sheet titled “TRUMPLOSE.”

Juan O. Savin: DeSantis Snag

Juan O. Savin says Ron DeSantis may be playing both sides of the GOP aisle, wooing the conservative crowd, while kowtowing to Rinos. His goal: the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Will he survive? A resounding “no,” Savin says. “DeSantis is happily in bed with the crowd he’s in bed with and they’re tied to a globalist crowd that wants to run American politics.” He explains further, plus emphasizes that all the Deep State players that thought they skated free after the midterms are in for a big surprise.

Riss Flex also gives her take on DeSantis, saying, “There something that doesn’t smell right.” She takes aim at the mainstream media and Rino mantra that DeSantis is the new leader of the Republican Party, and also reports on child labor camps in the U.S., Harvey Weinstein’s “pimp” and more.

Prostitution Ring Dismantled

Riss Flex reports the final chapter of the political corruption in Malta has led to the collapse of a massive, global  prostitution ring. The sordid tale of government bribes, offshore money laundering and the murder of prominent Maltese investigative journalist Daphe Caruana Galizia in 2017 have culminated in a flurry of indictments and the dismantling of the ring. Flex has the details.

What Are The Feds Up To?

As the conclusion to the Great Awakening looms, it appears the Feds are  losing their minds!

Riss Flex reports on a number of actions by federal agents that defy reality, with the ridiculous subpoena of President Trump by the Jan. 6 Committee and also an order by a corrupt federal judge that he be deposed in a crackpot rape and defamation case at the top of the heap!

Then there was the arrest of an 87-year-old granny, a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, for singing religious hymns outside an abortion clinic and the criminal case involving a CIA agent–and driver for the Obamas–for hacking into his girlfriend’s phone and stealing sensitive data.

What the hell is going on? The panic is real, folks, and it’s setting in fast. Here’s Flex’s report.


Manipulating Biotechnology

Riss Flex reports that Joe Biden’s most recent executive order on advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing innovation is not what it seems.

She welcomes investigative journalist Jason Bermas to the podcast, who says, “What they’re telling you is, we need biomedical, techno fascism. That’s what that is and we need to reduce the obstacles letting the government and corporations take control  of your literal biology.” Here’s explains further.


Another Politician Arrested

Riss Flex reports that former Nevada deputy attorney general Tudor Chirila was arrested in a cold case murder of a teenager 50 years ago, the second politician arrested in the Silver State this month.

Chirila, who had ties to the infamous Mustang Ranch brothel, was linked to the 1972 murder of the teenage girl in Hawaii through DNA evidence. He was arrested in Reno. Earlier in the month, Clark County administrator, Robert Telles, was arrested for the stabbing death of a Las Vegas journalist. Flex digs deeper into Chirila’s past and gives us her take on the turn of events.

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