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McCann Case About To Collapse

Peter Hyatt, a statement analyst, author and nationally recognized expert in deception detection, says he believes the parents were involved in the 2003 kidnapping case of Madeleine McCann in the UK. McCann, who was 3-years-old at the time, was eventually found dead.

Appearing on the Shaun Attwood podcast, Hyatt said he carefully listened to an interview with the McCann parents and read the transcript. Falling back on his decade-long experience with the case, Hyatt said what he found was a priority of concern for what Madeleine was going through. “There was no linguistic commitment to her kidnapping, when realistically, for what they were presenting, it should have been front and center. They prioritized self,” he said.

Hyatt dives into more details of the case, including the parents’ reaction when they were notified of Madeleine’s death.

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