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Justice For Maxwell Unlikely

Author and TV host Jay Dyer, whose work focuses on geopolitics, culture and film, tells Shaun Attwood that it’s unlikely there will be any justice in the Ghislaine Maxwell child sex trafficking case. Though, he says, there’s a strong possibility she will be suicided.

Dyer, who also specializes in decoding Hollywood politics and culture, is almost certain Jeffrey Epstein was suicided and vehemently disagrees with Lin Wood’s assumption that he is still with us. In the following video, he also discusses Epstein’s connection to the KGB and his transformation from modest means into the sinister world of pedophilia, a model he borrowed from Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell, whom Dyer called the “Epstein of the Cold War.”


What Motivated Ghislaine?

The question that has baffled authorities for years is what motivated Ghislaine Maxwell to procure for convicted sex trafficker and now allegedly diseased Jeffrey Epstein? British investigative journalist John Sweeney says the answer lies deeply in the psyches of both of these troubled players.

Sweeney says that when a former Vanity Fair reporter interviewed Epstein at his Manhattan mansion, she noticed only one book on the shelf and it’s Marquis de Sade, the French writer known for his violent sexual fantasies. The reporter also noted the walls were decorated with creepy glass eyes, originally made for injured British soldiers during World War I. When authorities raided his palatial home in Palm Beach, Fla., they discovered an Amazon receipt for three books on sadomasochism. Sweeney says there’s sufficient evidence that Epstein was into sadomasochism, though of a more psychological than physical nature.

Harken back to British billionaire Robert Maxwell and you’ll discover the same skullduggery–fraudster and consummate liar who led a life of thievery and deception. So what was Ghislaine’s motivation to hook up with Epstein? Says Sweeney, “When her father dies, Ghislaine loses one monster. She goes to Manhattan and finds another.” Here’s more detail with Sweeney and Shaun Attwood.

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Will Maxwell Go To Trial?

The Ghislaine Maxwell sex-trafficking trial has finally been set for Nov. 29 in New York District Court. But judging from the many legal maneuvers and trial-date changes in the past year, will there actually be a trial?

Maxwell and her team are objecting to the the new trial date because of its close proximity to the holidays. Maxwell was originally scheduled to face trial in early summer. In the latest round of legal gibberish, she even put forward that her family would be unable to attend on the November date. “This woman has shown herself, yet again, to be arrogant,” says Matthew Steeples, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Steeple Times in London. “She has no concept of how ordinary people live.”

Steeple tells Shaun Attwood that Maxwell is at the “top of the pyramid” when it comes to the sordid sex-trafficking case, even more important that Jeffrey Epstein. One of the major victims in the case, Maria Farmer, alleged that American billionaire and Epstein confidant Les Wexner was the ringleader, something that Steeples hasn’t acknowledged. “There are obviously different entities who she is connected with, but I think it’s actually her. She’s the most important.” Here’s more on the case with Steeples and Attwood, including a question-and-answer session with viewers.

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Team Maxwell Seeks Bail Again

Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal team continued grasping for straws, petitioning bail for the fourth time this year, while lining their pockets in the process. Claiming Maxwell is not the monster she is being made up to be, Team Maxwell told the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals that she has not been given an opportunity to prove she would not flee if detained at home under 24-hour armed guard and with collateral posted to support a $28.5 million bail.

Lawyers contend that Maxwell is being punished because Jeffrey Epstein is no longer here and she has become the court’s “whipping board.” Maxwell’s trial is scheduled to begin July 12, though her legal team is requesting a delay to January 2022. Here’s more of the update from Shaun Attwood.

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Shape-Shifting Humans

Prominent English author and blogger David Icke tells Shaun Attwood that their are outside entities among us that possess humans. The entities are composed of wave-form energy, or information fields, that can overtake humans, basically because the base form of the body is also wave form.

He says when the two waves connect, it’s a process known as entanglement, similar to throwing two pebbles in a pond that create waves that eventually come together. It can be done mildly, where it can affect the person’s perceptions and behavior, but when the possessing entity’s field entangles massively with the possessed person’s field, the victim becomes totally infused with the information field of the entity. “That’s when faces start to change, you know, like The Excorsist movie,” Icke says. “I’ve seen it where people’s bloody faces just change.” And the ensuing consequences can be devastating.

Here’s more of the interview with Icke, who also touches on the dangers of 5G technology to humanity.

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The Duke Of Sleaze

In author Norman Baker’s latest work, … And What Do You Do?: What The Royal Family Don’t Want You To Know, he zeroes in on the much-maligned Prince Andrew and his theatrics, which have deeply embarrassed Buckingham Palace and the United Kingdom.

Baker, a former liberal member of Parliament, details not only Prince Andrew’s connection with Jeffrey Epstein, but also the way he conducted himself as a trade envoy for the UK and his relationship with dubious characters around the world. In the chapter titled “The Grand Old Duke Of Sleaze,” Baker also digs deep into the avalanche of money that has flowed into Prince Andrew’s bank account from unknown sources. “So all those things suggest that Prince Andrew deserves that title and indeed he does for the way he treated his own star, which is quite shameful,” Baker says. Baker joins the Shaun Attwood podcast for more on his hard-hitting analysis of the Royals.

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Triggered By Childhood Trauma

Were Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell unwittingly drawn to each other through traumatic abuse during their childhoods? Appearing on the Shaun Attwood podcast, Richard Brannon, a life coach and psychologist based in the United Kingdom, believes it’s almost certainly a possibility.

Attwood says that in an earlier interview with British investigative journalist John Sweeney, he learned that Maxwell grew up in fear of her dominant father, Robert Maxwell, a giant in British media and a suspected spy, who dealt out corporal punishment for her misdeeds. Sweeney says that when Father Maxwell was disciplining her, she had a choice of belts with which she was going to get whipped. Books were found by authorities on the Maxwell property, such as Story Of O, an erotic French novel, and a BDSM-type manual (a variety of erotic practices involving bondage, submission and sadomasochism). Sweeney’s thoughts were this BDSM streak was laid down as part of the corporal punishment.

As for Epstein, the details of his childhood are foggy. Brannon says, “Things will have happened to him in his childhood, I’m sure, that would have activated parts of him that would have otherwise lain dormant and turned him into the monster that he became.” He added that these stories reminded him of similar abuse Michael Jackson suffered at the hands of his father.

Here more’s with Attwood and Brannon, who also deepen their analysis, discussing whether two people with the same psychopathic and narcissistic traits actually united their energies to create such evil.


A Royal, Wacky Mess

Shaun Attwood welcomes a panel of body language and behavioral experts, who dissect Oprah’s much-maligned interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The consensus among Gregory Hartley, Mark Bowden, Scott Rouse and Chase Hughes was that Markle wasn’t totally untruthful about many issues, while Prince Harry was truly overcome with emotion and frustration.

Rouse, a bilingual expert trained in body language and interrogation, says Markle doesn’t meet psychopath standards, as many have suggested, but is most likely a clinical narcissist, based on how she accepts no blame for anything but welcomes the praise for everything in the interview. Meanwhile, Hartley, author of 10 books on body language and behavior, says the couple was in total control of their discourse, holding hands tightly, yet sending each other signals with gentle taps, especially Prince Harry.

Bowden, a human behavior expert, puts the entire interview in perspective. “Until you actually get touching-close to that particular family, you just can’t understand how wacky it is.” Here’s more with the panel and Attwood.

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Revisiting the McCann Case

Renowned investigator Peter Hyatt, who specializes in deception detection and statement analysis primarily for law enforcement, gives a surprisingly straightforward perspective on the bizarre Madeleine McCann case. In 2007, the 3-year-old disappeared from her hotel bed while on vacation with her parents in Portugal and her whereabouts remain unknown.

While the case immediately attracted worldwide attention, so did it bring with it a flurry of conspiracy theories and “who done it” proclamations. Hyatt, appearing on Shaun Attwood’s Crime Podcast, says his independent probe continues to focus squarely on the parents as suspects, disavowing any kidnapping or sex-trafficking theories. He says when a child goes missing, the norm is to follow human nature. “So if a little girl goes missing, there’s an expectation that the parents are going to call out to her and the parents are going to tell us and guide us by their words.”

There was no such response from the McCanns. They never said she was kidnapped or expressed what she was going through, Hyatt says. “All the general expectations of calling out and doing anything they can to facilitate the flow of information, they weren’t doing. Their words confronted me with what they weren’t saying.” Tune in to hear more of Hyatt’s investigative technique and how he draws similarities between the McCann case and that of JonBenet Ramsey.

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Maxwell Assaulted In Jail

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell are screaming that their client was assaulted by a guard during a routine search and is withering away behind bars. Attorney Bobbi Sternheim filed a complaint in New York District Court, alleging that Maxwell’s pre-trial detention conditions at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn are beyond despicable. She claims Maxwell is being deprived of sleep and being fed inedible food. Says Shaun Attwood, “Welcome to jail! Being deprived of sleep? Given inedible food? That is happening in jails all across America.”

Sternheim says the assault came during a pat-down search in an isolation cell out of camera view. When Maxwell said she would report the incident, she was threatened with disciplinary action. “When you go to jail with charges of this nature, not only do you have nothing coming, you also are subjected to the most wicked–and some would say justified–abuse by the prisoners, the conduct code and the guards,” Attwood says.

Though it appears Maxwell is headed toward a plea bargain in her case, Attwood says it would be to her advantage to go to trial and name names in the sordid Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking saga. Here’s more with Attwood.

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