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The Sinister Ideology Of Disney

Through the years, the wonderful world of Disney movies brought us the incomparable Mickey Mouse and Goofy, the magical Aladdin and the innocent and curious Simba. But were these lovable characters mere distractions from the true sinister ideology behind the Disney productions?

Truth be told, Disney movies are wicked and should be kept away from our children. They are filled with subliminal messages promoting Satanic symbolism and sorcery. Their goal: getting into your mind and controlling your thought process by supernatural or demonic means, such as sexual innuendos in The Lion King and Aladdin. In Beauty and the Beast, a nude woman subliminally pops up on the screen several times. And all this right before our eyes. It’s mind-blowing.

The following video, presented by The Truth Hunter channel, breaks down some of the subliminal messages in these films and reveals the real story behind the company and its patriarch, Walt Disney.

Disney Still Goofy

There’s no denying that Goofy, the affable Walt Disney cartoon character, has entertained kids young and old for decades. Perhaps the most popular ever animated character on the planet, Goofy made his debut in Disney’s Mickey Mouse cartoon, “Mickey’s Revue,” as Dippy Dog. His fame skyrocketed thereafter with appearances in cartoons, comic books and with cameos in major animated movies such as Who Framed Roger Rabbitt.

Despite his age, Goofy continues to entertain generations of children and today appears on the early childhood education program Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Learn more about the origins of Goofy in this episode of, and come on back to LOL next Tuesday for another peek at the lighter side of life. — The Wickel

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