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Kevin Hart Had The VID

Comedian Kevin Hart blasts into the lighter side of life with his rendition of the COVID-19 virus. Hart keeps his audience in stitches about how he and his wife contracted the virus and turned the household upside down blaming each other for it. Says Hart, “You know why I call it The VID,” because it’s the closest thing to AIDS. It just sounds as dangerous as AIDS.” Video courtesy of Kevin Comedy.

Crazy Uncle Joe

If you’re still scratching your head over how unfit Uncle Joe Biden is for the Presidency, you only need to harken back to the 2020 Democratic National Convention for the root of the problem. In this special edition of LOL, check out the expertly prepared parody by Zanarax, as we once again delve into the lighter side of life.

Flip-Flopping Fauci

Flip-flopping Dr. Anthony Fauci makes his way back into the lighter side of life with a rash of predictions, albeit misguided ones. In another brilliant parody from The United Spot, Dr. Fauci displays his sorry prognostication record during the COVID-19 pandemic, including this segment on the improving Texas coronavirus numbers.

The Good Samaritans

Some good Samaritans unwittingly saunter into the lighter side of life, offering a seemingly innocent, yet clumsy, young lady a leg up on her horse. Much to their surprise–and delight–they received a bit more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, some equally helpful ladies are willing to aid a naked young man, only covered up by a potted plant in this episode of “Prank Wave,” courtesy of Safa Mann.

Corrupt Dems In A Frenzy

Welcome to the bizarro and corrupt world of the Democrat Party. In the following parody, Hillary Clinton pleads with President Clinton to release her from prison, while the rest of her Leftist cohorts plan and scheme to no good in this version of the lighter side of life, courtesy of The United Spot.

Where’s The Circus?

Check out the dysfunctional Democrat Party, starring Cryin’ Chuckie Schumer, Nervous Nancy Pelosi, Kneepad Kamala Harris and Sleepy Joe Biden. Making a cameo appearance and sending the Dems into a tizzy is Dancin’ President Trump. The parody is courtesy of United Spot, as we saunter into the lighter side of life.

Buddy Hackett Uncensored

Check out legendary comedian Buddy Hackett like you’ve never seen him–live, bawdy and totally uncensored. In this vintage clip, Hackett has the crowd in stitches with his raunchy jokes at Caesars Atlantic City, as we delve into another episode of the lighter side of life. Video courtesy of Stumpy Pedisco’s Data Cloaca.

Groucho Gets Rattled!

In this “You Bet Your Life” game-show classic from 1955, Groucho Marx finds a perfect foil in the crazy-eyed Albert Hall. He spends most of the interview pretending to be scared for his life. An absolute gem in this edition of the lighter side of life. The video is courtesy of the Groucho Marx You Bet Your Life archives.

PC Has Gone Too Far

Political Correctness has gone too far, or at least it has if you ask comedian Rob Little. In this clip from his Dry Bar Comedy special, Little steps into the lighter side of life and breaks down why political correctness isn’t necessarily always the best thing. So hunker down and prepare for some wild laughter.

Monty Python’s British Army

What is the British Army coming to? Watch as members of a squadron decline their commander’s orders to march up and down the public square in this hilarious Monty Python classic on the lighter side of life. Courtesy of Knavish Corker.

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