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Elaine Loses A Button

Jerry, Elaine and gang traipse into the lighter side of life in a clip from one of the more popular “Seinfeld” episodes, titled “The Gum.” Elaine inadvertently unclasps a button on her blouse while enjoying a movie with Jerry. The theatrics that follow are hilarious! Here’s the clip, courtesy of Admiral Titan Entertainment.

Man Of A Thousand Voices

Legendary¬† Rich Little, the “Man of a Thousand Voices,” returns to the lighter side of life with some contemporary impressions. In addition to his spot-on Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart and Truman Capote impersonations, Little has added Joe Biden and Mike Lindell to his repertoire. Video courtesy of Huckabee.

Seinfeld-Newman Collide

We revisit perhaps the No. 1 television sitcom of all-time, pitting well-known adversaries Seinfeld and Newman. In this classic clip on the lighter side of life, Newman interrogates Seinfeld for mail fraud, only to come up short on evidence, while George gets mixed up in the fray later in the skit. The video is courtesy of superawsom12.

Home For The Holidays

Eddie Murphy gives an all-star performance as his “family” gathers around the dinner table to reflect on the holidays. The skit is courtesy of Saturday Night Live in this special edition of the lighter side of life.

Merry Xmas From Whatsherface

In this Christmas edition of the lighter side of life, we revisit Whatherface’s yuletide message from a year ago, which is still very pertinent today. Have a Merry Christmas and don’t laugh too hard!

Conservative Momma

In this week’s edition of the lighter side of life, we feature a compilation of Conservative Momma moments, from her stint at White House pressers to her take on the insurrection in America to her impression of Joe Biden on a casual bike ride, and more. The political satire is courtesy of RenaudBe.

Tricks From The Bong

In this episode of James Bong, the CIA moves in to strike Bong. Will he be able to turn the tables? And how will Bong handle his betrayal by Miss Moneybit? Find out, as we saunter into this week’s edition of the lighter side of life. Video is courtesy of consciouscreator.

Hold The Line!

The following political satire pays homage to Pro Trump patriots and to Dr. Seuss in this edition of the lighter side of life. The plot revolves around the Sneech-Pats of Patriotville and their battle against government’s sinister Covid overreach. The video is presented by Sarah Holloch-Weingarten on Kvasir Today.

Violin Music And Political Satire

Whether you are a fan of violin concerto music or political satire, Armando Anto entertains you with both in this side-splitting journey into the lighter side of life. Among the topics in this clip from Dry Bar Comedy: The never-ending tension between the U.S. and Iran.

Faker Oats–Biden’s Favorite

President Biden returns to the lighter side of life with a raving review of Faker Oats, his favorite breakfast, in the following gut-splittng parody from The United Spot. Says Biden, “Listen to some of Faker Oats’ secret ingredients–nonsense, gobbledygook, balderdash, malarkey, bat shit and baloney, all of which are a part of a healthy liabetes breakfast.”

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