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Biden’s Paradise

JRQCcode steps into the lighter side of life with an animated parody of Creepy Joe Biden’s first six months in the White House. Says Joe, “I never sniffed a child who didn’t deserve it,” as he extols the virtues of Biden’s Paradise.

Build Back Better

Nancy Pelosi struggles to ward off a night of partying to drive home her point on building the nation “back better.” In this gut-splitting parody by United Spot on the lighter side of life, the confused Speaker says the way back to prosperity is through more contributions from women.

The Mystical Ouija Board

The mystical Ouija Board makes its way into the lighter side of life, when a crew from Video Jug gives us step-by-step instructions on how to properly play the game. In a clip that will surely tickle your fancy, the participants explore the secrets of this mysterious gateway to the secrets of the unknown.

Carpenters And Astronauts

Red Skelton, the master of pantomime, dazzles the audience in this 1965 episode of “The Ed Sullivan Show,” with his iconic “Carpenters and Astronauts” routine. Before launching into his skits, he shows off his stand-up talent, which includes a couple of jabs at Ed Sullivan himself, as we celebrate the lighter side of life.

Marilyn, Jack Honolulu Bound

In this week’s edition of the lighter side of life, Marilyn Monroe, aka The Blonde Bombshell, joins comedic legend Jack Benny for a romantic and amusing rendezvous in an episode titled “Honolulu Trip.” The comedy skit was Monroe’s official television debut on “The Jack Benny Show’s” 1953 season premiere, courtesy of sublime1marilyn.

Solving Our Immigration Crisis

Comedian Robert Mac tackles our immigration crisis, among other topics, with some solutions of his own. Warning! Get ready for some wild laughter in this visit to the lighter side of life. Video, courtesy of Drybar Comedy.

All In The Democratic Family

In this parody of “All in the Family,” Cryin’ Chucky Schumer and Nervous Nancy Pelosi revive Edith and Archie Bunker in this version of the lighter side of life … sort of! Rounding out the dysfunctional Democrat family in this in this production by The United Spot are Barack Obama, AOC, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and Michelle Obama and Sly Bill Clinton.


Nostalgic Uncensored Comedy

Remember when jokes were funny? Remember a time before virtue-signaling social justice and censorship?  In this segment of the lighter side of life, Devon takes us back to a time of pre-political correctness and nostalgic, uncensored comedy, free from today’s army of wokeness.

Maskaholics Anonymous

Nervous Nancy Pelosi makes her first visit to Maskaholics Anonymous only to face ridicule from her fellow victims in this gut-splitting parody from The United Spot. Joining Pelosi in the group are Chuck Schumer, AOC, Jerry Nadler and Crazy Joe Biden as we delve into the lighter side of life.

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The Joey And Fowchee Show

In this week’s journey into the lighter side of life, President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci team up for “The Joey and Fowchee Show,” a talk-show format where they attempt to discuss UFOs and facemasks, despite constant interruptions from spoiled Hunter Biden. The United Spot video, of course, is a political parody and we hope it brings a smile to your face.

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