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Trolling Biden

Ventriloquist Jeff Durham steps into the lighter side of life as he trolls President Biden in this comedy skit. True to the nature of our alleged 46th Commander in Chief, he’s all over the map in this gut-splitting, question-and-answer session with the electorate. Video courtesy of Resist the Mainstream.

Fluffy Loves India

Iconic comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias strolls into the lighter side of life with his newfound admiration of India, especially because of its unique similarity to Mexico. Video courtesy of Gabriel Iglesias channel.

Gervais Opines On Fat People

Never one to shy away from a controversial opinion, the star and creator of “The Office,” and repeat offender of hosting the Golden Globes, saunters into the lighter side of life to defend his opinions on fat people. Video courtesy of Universal Comedy.

I’ve Fallen And Can’t Get Up!

The Political War Room steps into the lighter side of life, featuring this priceless parody of the medical alert device for seniors commercial, starring Joe Biden and his propensity for clumsy falls, including his most recent and embarrassing tumble from his bicycle.

Carlin: The 10 Commandments

In one of his most popular performances, the late and great George Carlin explains why The 10 Commandments is a political document, artificially inflated to sell better. He has the audience rolling in the aisles, when he infuses his own revisions onto the list in this journey into the lighter side of life. Video courtesy of Hajul Ellah.

It’s A Sh*t Show Romps!

The world of political horse racing makes its way into the lighter side of life, featuring the Presidential Cup. The contentious field includes such stalwarts as The Donald, Sleepy Joe, Covid, the Chinese mare, Climate Crisis and Dr. Fauci.

Unfortunately, for the contenders, long shot It’s A Shit Show had the final say in the outcome. The clip, which is a perfect encapsulation of 2020 politics, was produced by Rob Carson, former comedy writer for Rush Limbaugh.

Failure To Communicate

What do you do when a customer walks into your shop and asks for “cack” or for “parri?” Communication problems, indeed. See what happens in this saunter into the lighter side of life. Video courtesy of Comedy for ELT, taken from the BBC TV series, “The Two Ronnies.”

So, I Moved To Florida!

Comedian Jim Breuer steps into the lighter side of life with a review of his move to Florida, spiced with some impressive sound effects. Upon arriving in the Sunshine State, Breuer says, “I forgot the sun existed!” Here’s more from his comedy special.

Uncle Joe & The Donald

Political satire makes its way into the lighter side of life with a couple of brief, but gut-busting clips, starring Uncle Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. In the first video, Biden brings us a garbled explanation of the State of Union, while Trump shows off his golfing skills in the second clip. Videos courtesy of Eric the Real and AnGrYNac3.


Wife Swapping With Benny Hill

Benny Hill returns to the lighter side of life with his comedy genius that even has the podcaster splitting his gut. In this episode, Hill welcomes a new neighbor to the complex, who’s interested in wife swapping. Brace yourself for a surprise conclusion. Video courtesy of TheEclectic Beard.

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