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Pennsylvania Audit Goes Ahead

After a battle of many months in court, the Pennsylvania Legislature has won the right to enforce their Own Constitutional powers over the protestations of their Deep State AG. Let the Audit begin! More from RedPill78.

In this episode, we discuss the latest reports that seem to connect Hunter Biden’s emails from his infamous “laptop from he**” to recent event in Kazakhstan that include his long-standing relationship with Karim Massimov, the now imprisoned former-Prime Minister of Kazakhstan. The laptop shows evidence of Hunter Biden using high-ranking officials like Masimov to help broker sweetheart deals for the Chinese Communist Party. Plus much more breaking news from JustInformed Talk.

Dominion Backs Out

The executives at Dominion Voting Systems backed out. They had agreed to testify before a Pennsylvania House Committee but then none of them showed up for the hearing. Have they gone into hiding? What will it take to bring them out in the open? More from Steve Turley.

The Pennsylvania Legislature has demanded a full audit of its 2020 election results. Now, the Michigan Legislature is thinking of following suit. More from Shane Vaughn.

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The Federal Elections Commission Chair calls election illegitimate due to fraud, MORE evidence of widespread irregularity drops. Citing a lack of transparency the FEC official made the bold statements. But it is important to note that Trey Trainor, the official in question, is a Trump supporter and is the Chair of the FEC, which does not deal with voter integrity.

Regardless of his opinion, however, there is mounting evidence of widespread irregularity that needs to be investigated. Yet media is adamant the race is over and looking into the issues is wrong. They call Joe Biden President Elect even before we have certified the vote, while litigation is still underway, and the electoral college hasn’t even voted yet.

Democrats should have no issue with an audit to prove that they won fairly and blocking the process only fuels Trump and Republican arguments that votes should not be certified. If this drags out too long, then House Delegations will vote and Trump will win. More from Tim Pool.

If Dominion Voting Systems is innocent, why aren’t they suing Donald Trump for defamation? Good question. Lisa Haven raises it.

O’Reilly: PA. Trump’s Only Shot

Bill O’Reilly says that American citizens have the right to consider the election fraud evidence, regarding computer malfunction, GOP poll watchers and ballot stuffing. But not only does a President Trump victory re-election come down to Pennsylvania, it’s also his only chance.

While we disagree in light of the massive evidence pouring in from other states, O’Reilly says the likelihood of a Trump win will be decided in the Supreme Court. Earlier, SCOTUS, in a 4-4 vote, extended the deadline for receiving absentee ballots in Pennsylvania. Trump Campaign lawyers will argue that state law specifically says that election day is it, because the Legislature, not judges, make the laws. Therefore all the votes that came in after election day are void. Trump wins.

One important item of note in the confusion, is that newly confirmed Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett did not participate in the earlier decision. Here’s more from O’Reilly on The First.

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