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How The Election Was Stolen

For this edition of One on One, Sebastian Gorka talks to author, podcaster, and radio host Wayne Allyn Root about Barack Obama’s mysterious college history, the truth about voter fraud in 2020, and more. Root has a new book he’s promoting called The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book.


Vaccine Passports Targeted

In a new Destroying the Illusion video, Jordan Sather discusses the worldwide protests over the weekend that railed against the proposed vaccine passports and sanctions. Also discussed here: Joe Biden’s Afghan mess, voter fraud in Georgia, and all the latest scamdemic and censorship news.


Juan O Savin’s State Of Nation

Juan O Savin joins Pryme Minister with his thoughts on the state of the nation. Savin talks voter-fraud, inalienable rights, human trafficking and Covid-19 vaccines.

Savin says America is under attack and suggests voter fraud is no different than an army conquering another country and putting in its own leaders. “If you have a stolen election, and they put people in that are not the ones that the people organically chose themselves, and they hoist them upon the population by a fraud to do their bidding, they’re Manchurian candidates,” he says.

Addressing human trafficking, Savin says that in this modern era, we have more people in slavery today than in all of human history combined. “How can that happen and what is our responsibility?” Here’s the the entire interview on

Stick With The Plan

There’s more than enough anxiety and disappointment among patriots who trust in “The Plan.” Four months have passed since the election and President Trump has still not assumed his rightful place in the White House, which has many supporters shifting in their seats.

Not to fret, says Martin Brodel, who’s back following a two-week medical hiatus. The Plan remains in place: Destroy the Deep State and the Democrat Party. Meanwhile, says Brodel, it appears Trump, instead of unleashing his own Kraken, has opted to let the electorate witness for themselves how quickly the new administration and the Left is taking this country down. Not only are the people going to wake up to the corruption in the Democrat Party, but also to the insane level of voter fraud and the prevalence of pedophilia on the planet. Here’s more of Brodel’s take, who also gives an analysis of President Trump’s CPAC speech.

Military Coup And Tribunals

Dr. Jerome Corsi says he was visited by three generals during the Obama Administration who told him the military was launching a military coup d’etat to oust Barack Hussein Obama from office. Three weeks later, they reconsidered their plan after speaking with Donald J. Trump, who agreed to run for office. The military then promised they would conduct their coup d’etat as a legitimate process to root out traitors in government.

Fast forward to today and the Trump-military pact has held strong. Although Corsi delivered this speech before or during the first Trump impeachment proceedings, what he reveals and understands still holds true in 2021. Following a Presidential election fraught with voter fraud and resulting in the fake inauguration of Democrat Joe Biden, the military has seized control of government and all indications are there will be a legitimate course of action to keep Trump in the Oval Office, fix the wrongs of the past and deal with the treasonous officials who betrayed America.

As he emphasized in his talk, Dr. Corsi says the military has set it sights on the rogue elements of the corrupt FBI and CIA, but will also bring the hammer down via military tribunals on likely suspects, such as Obama and Hillary Clinton, and many of the social media giants, who were created by the CIA as a liaison to the New World Order. Stay tuned for the fireworks. Here’s the entire video released by Patriot Fire last week.

The Military Is In Control

America’s favorite go-to attorney Lin Wood has confirmed in his latest “Fireside Chat” that the United States military is firmly in charge of the nation, not the cheating and fake Biden Administration.

Wood says the military is well aware that President Trump prevailed in a landslide victory and that the Democrat Party, in conjunction with the Deep State, manipulated the Presidential election every which way they could, including installing algorithms in Dominion voting machines to flip votes from President Trump to Joe Biden. They also colluded with China and a number of other countries to get their desired results. It’s akin to the 1950s, when Communism was a real threat to our country and necessitated a strong military presence.

Today’s military control has China quaking in their boots, says Martin Brodel. “They should be afraid. If you’re wondering when they are going to bring the hammer down, we’re just going to have to wait and see. But just remember Soleimani and al-Baghdadi, what happened to them and the way it happened. Boom! And it was over. It was like a MOAB dropping on them and that’s what this is going to be like whenever they choose.”

Brodel also reports that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts delivered a major blow to the Democrat Party’s effort to impeach President Trump for a second time, when he refused to take part in the proceedings, the Leftists unions are getting hit with voter’s remorse after realizing that Biden is not what they bargained for and the looney Dems are floating an idea that the next round of stimulus checks be used to force vaccines. Here’s more with Brodel.

More Voter Fraud In Michigan

Yet another bombshell video has surfaced from the voter-fraud-ridden Presidential election. The latest clip comes from Antrim County, Michigan, revealing blatant manipulation during a court-ordered forensic audit of 22 Dominion voting machines that allegedly flipped votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

The video, which has gone viral, shows a Michigan Secretary of State official directing poll workers to continue their count of multiple ballots, even though every one of them has the same signature on them. One of the concerned volunteers says, “So, when we’re done with the audit, there’s still is an opportunity to challenge the fact that we have multiple ballots with the very same signature …” The supervisor interrupts and says she doesn’t think “challenge” is the right word and instructs the poll workers that their role is not an investigative one. Another poll worker says, “We’ll have a number, whether valid or invalid …” And again the official interrupts and warns the group that this is not the process and encourages them to just count the ballots.

As has been reported, problems were reported with Dominion voting machines in all five swing states. Here’s the video, courtesy of TruthVideos1984, and, as always, you be the judge.

Flynn: America’s DNA Is 1776

In an exclusive interview with Info Wars, Gen. Michael Flynn adamantly tells Alex Jones that his message to the American people is that the truth will come out and Donald J. Trump will be the President of the U.S. for four more years. “When I’m asked on a scale of 1 to 10 if Trump will be the next President of the United States, I say 10, without a doubt. The whole country and world knows that this election on Nov. 3 was a rip-off,” he says.

Flynn, who conducted the interview last week before the Jan. 6 election certification, opined on a variety of topics in the interview, including the China Communist Party’s intrusion into U.S. elections since the mid-1990s. He says the CCP has meddled in our academic institutions, banking systems, Big Tech, real estate and Hollywood. But perhaps China’s most flagrant encroachment came in the recent Presidential election, when it tinkered with the Dominion Voting Software and ES&S machines, in which 95 percent of the electronic voting was conducted. Flynn says that not only did China invest $200 million in Dominion in 2014 and another $400 million in 2020, it’s also been revealed they are partial owners of the companies and many of their affiliates.

Flynn says the millions of patriots who came to Washington last week are not about to settle for a lie. They are well aware of the voter fraud and they journeyed to our nation’s Capital to seek the truth. “There’s a DNA in the American psyche and the American culture that still exists,” Flynn says. “And that DNA goes all the way back to 1776.” Here’s more of the interview with Flynn and Jones, courtesy of smoakpipe.

Trump Will Become 19th POTUS

When all is said and done, and the chaos has subsided, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in for his second term as the 19th President of the United States. Hold on, now. He was inaugurated as our 45th President in January 2016, so wouldn’t he be sworn in as POTUS 45 once again?

Not according to an analysis by writer David Robinson in the American Patriots Email Report. If all goes according to plan, Robinson writes, Trump will be sworn in for his second term as our 19th POTUS on March 4, not Jan. 20, because the United States of America has not functioned or been operational as a nation for 150 years, thanks to the Act of 1871, when it became a corporation owned by the city of London. In fact, every time you see an American flag with gold fringe and tassels attached to it, this represents the corporation, not the country.

Preston explains that if fake President-elect Joe Biden, VP-elect Kamala Harris, VP Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are arrested for their crimes, there will be no one to assume the Presidency. And since Trump was not certified the winner of the Nov. 3 election by Congress, he cannot remain President. In this scenario, with no President, the corporation known as the United States of America will be dissolved and the military will become guardians of the nation. When an ensuing probe reveals that there was massive fraud surrounding the election and that Trump actually won in a landslide, he will be sworn in as the 19th POTUS, following our 18th Commander in Chief, Ulysses S. Grant, the last President elected before the U.S. became a corporation. Here’s more with Martin Brodel.

Martial Law Is Imminent

Texas Pastor Wade McKinney warns that the storm is upon us and martial law is imminent. “I’m getting that from every source I have,” McKinney says. “And when I say imminently, I mean in two or three days we are going to see martial law declared. On what level or what degree … whatever they have to do to bring things into a corrective mode.”

McKinney says the FCC already posted a letter warning all media outlets that they must report whatever the President releases or face the probability of losing their broadcast licenses. He added the shutdown will not last more than 30 days and there will be a “house cleaning,” mostly of corrupt government officials.

The event has been in the planning stages a long time in light of the Deep State corruption across the globe, including its interference and manipulation of the Presidential election. McKinney advises everyone to prepare accordingly by stocking up on essentials,  such as food, gas and extra cash.  Here’s more from TruthVideos 1984.

Here’s a primer on the Insurrection Act, martial law and the power President Trump has in order to control order. The video is courtesy of USA Today.


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