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Tokyo’s Unilateral Sex Bar

The Love Joule, a new bar in Japan, caters exclusively to women eager to unleash their inner pussies. Say what?

It’s a love and sex bar, with a vibrator-themed decor, encouraging women to open up with each other and talk freely about masturbation —  a topic once taboo in Japan. No telling if it’s the frank talk or the sex-toy displays that attract patrons, or the fact that single men are forbidden inside.  As one customer told a blogger, “I go because it is a safe place and I don’t have to worry about trying to brush off men all the time.”

So, for women who want to let their fingers do the walking, fan the fur or hitchhike south, the Love Joule might be just the place — or, at least, a good hangout to discuss tickling the taco and parting the Red Sea.

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Meanwhile, all those stray single men might be drifting over to Tokyo’s cuddle cafe — where you pay about $77 an hour to lie down in a bed with a woman. For $13 extra, she will stare at you or give you a foot massage.

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