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Big Brother Democrats

Democrats in Wisconsin have crossed the line in their efforts to oust “Tea Party” Republican Congressman Reid Ribble.  For some time, the Democrats have hounded Rep. Ribble by sending out cameramen to record his every speech and public appearance. The video below is but one of many examples, as a Democratic operative packing a camera trails the Congressman each step of the way while he works a crowd at a job fair. But now these political paparazzi have upped the ante by bird-dogging Ribble as he shopped at a grocery store, and on June 18, by posting raw footage showing the exterior of his home.

What’s next for the Donkey Kongers? Aerial drone shots tracking Ribble’s movements? Secret web-cams aimed at urinals inside U.S. Capitol Building restrooms? The mind boggles, but it’s clear that these creepy surveillance tactics not only violate the bounds of decency, but represent a gross invasion of privacy, unbecoming any “reputable” political party in the United States. Read more about this case here:

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