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White Hats’ Plan On Track

Rest assured that President Trump and the White Hats are sticking to their plan to save America. They are well on their way to draining the swamp worldwide and are squarely focused on taking down the big dogs. “We’re in a war,” says Martin Brodel.

And unfortunately, in every conflict there are casualties. People are still getting hurt, losing businesses, even losing their lives. Brodel says that with the White Hats on the move, we the people need to make our own plan to stay safe, especially in our metropolitan cities, for danger lurks everywhere.

In the following segment, Brodel also reports that medical experts worldwide have all the evidence they need to convict members of WHO and CDC, how the Red Cross is refusing to take blood from the vaccinated and discusses why politics does not belong in sports.

Weekend At Biden’s

You remember Weekend At Bernie’s. Here’s a new comedy, that;s just as topical. It only hurts if you laugh.

The Truth About Hollyweird

A Candace Owens interview with Roseanne Barr. This interview Covers the fall of Roseanne and her hit TV show that was loved across the political spectrum. Roseanne discusses her time in Hollywood and how she feels about it looking back. Roseanne talks about her journey from a socialist, to a Trump-loving America First patriot!

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Democrats Quitting In Droves

Nancy Pelosi, in a fit of rage, tore up Donald Trumps State Of The Union speech.

This is possibly the biggest mistake she has ever made as Democratic voters called into C-Span to announce that they would be quitting the party over the embarrassment that Pelosi brought to the party.

Some are even calling for her to resign amid the dishonor to the chamber, to America, and to the voters.

While Republicans praised and cheered Trump, Democrats and the far left refused many times to applaud simple things or honorable people. Far Left democrats were slammed for not standing to honor our servicemen and women.

The #WalkAway campaign just got its greatest moment as independent voters, Trump supporters, and now even Democrats stand in unison denouncing Nancy Pelosi over her temper tantrum. More from Tim Pool.

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President Trump delivered the best speech of his Presidency, says Vincent James of The Red Elephants. His approval is rising. Meanwhile, the Democrats are still cheating and trying to rig elections, as the vote counting drags out in Iowa.

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report appears on Mike Huckabee’s After The Show to share why he left the left and how progressives are pushing people away from the Democratic Party. He talks about his origins on the big progressive show The Young Turks and his political awakening involving David Webb. Dave discusses how the current far left and progressive side of the Democratic party’s obsession with identity politics, diversity and being “woke” is forcing people with center-left or centrist political leanings to rethink voting for Democratic candidates in the 2020 election and rethink their party affiliation altogether.

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Moderation Is A Monocracy

There’s nothing ‘moderate’ about political moderation. More from RazorFist.

Is Trump The Last President?

This video is a deep dive into the world of Ingersoll Lockwood, an American lawyer and writer, his collection of curious works, and their parallels to the current political “reality” of the United States, and more specifically, their implications–ultimately asking: What is destiny, and can it be manifested?More from Really Graceful.

Hot Air On the Hill

Once upon a time, Congressional hearings on Capitol Hill were conducted to educate lawmakers and the general public about different issues. But in today’s toxic atmosphere in our nation’s capital, hearings have become a convenient vehicle for partisan, political bickering. And headlining these fiascos are some of our most ignorant representatives. John Stossel explains how politicians use these hearings to score cheap points and bully productive citizens on this episode of Stossel TV.

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Politicians and Words

Ever notice how politicians speak for hours, but never really say anything. They have a lexicon all their own. Legendary comedian George Carlin said it best, “It’s fun to listen to Washington talk. They don’t read, they review; they don’t have positions, they take positions; and they don’t give advice, they make recommendations.” Carlin breaks down Washington speak in this episode of Zoosolo Mo Hambone.

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Why Politics is So Partisan

It doesn’t take a genius to note that in the last two decades, politics on Capitol Hill has become extremely partisan. Dick Morris asks, “What happened to the days when Republicans sometimes voted liberal, Democrats sometimes voted conservative and the president could reach across party lines and get support to pass his programs?” Morris says the cause of all the venom in politics is reapportionment, and to some extent, the influence of national money. But the solution to all the derisiveness, Morris adds, might well come from our friends in California.

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Libertarians: Build Bridges

Dr. Walter E. Williams suggests libertarians need to build coalitions and deploy a better strategy to promote the notions of liberty.

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