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Epstein Island: For Cannibals

FBI Anon (Ask Me Anything)! Trump is a legendary strategist! Putin will release everything they have!  Does Russia have it all?

Q crops…Sheep…Energy! Lost picture of Bohemia Grove! Epstein Island=Red Lobster For Cannibals! Bono is a Vril drone! Judith Barsi murder…Who knows what happened? Here’s more from McAllister TV.

The Hits Keep Coming

Drones hit inside Moscow as Zelensky states “It’s natural, fair that war is returning to Russian territory.” Was is a false flag or Ukraine? New CDC Director says annual covid shots will be recommended. Rep Jim Jordan unveils the Facebook Files showing the Biden administration pressured the social media company into censoring Americans. WEF Agenda advisors foresee Climate lockdowns and “carbon swapping.” Here’s more from the Kim Iversen Show.

Dead Birds Get A New Life

In this week’s edition of New World Next Week: 9/11 patsies’ CIA link is less of a bombshell, more of a squib; Google’s AI hallucinations sends shivers down Elon Musk’s neuralink-enabled spine; and dead birds get new life as taxinomic drones! Here’s more from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

Decoding Hollywood

Norm Travesy joins McAllister TV for an episode decoding Hollywood. Among the films explored and explained: Forbidden Planet, Victor/Victoria, Metropolis and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

They are showing us advanced artificial intelligence and how AI will control the takeover of our souls and the planet.

Baphomet Idolization! Universal dominance! Destroying humanity with a deadly virus pod people! Clones! Drones! Understand the psyops! Welcome to your mind control!

Thunderbird: The Poopin’ Pigeon

Here’s a remote-controlled, flying, poopin’ pigeon. You’ve just been fired by a conniving boss or two-timed by a cheating spouse? Send out your Thunderbird drone to get some revenge.

Yes, it’s juvenile as all get-out, but there are times when cheap thrills are the best option available. More from Jim Crenshaw.

J.D. Vance Visits East Palestine

A tip of our hat to J.D. Vance, the new U.S. Senator from the state of Ohio. On Thursday, Vance visited East Palestine, Ohio, to survey first-hand the devastation caused by the train derailment and the release of toxic chemicals.

Here, he provides persuasive evidence that these toxic chemicals have seeped and leached into the soils of a creek running through East Palestine. Seems like he’s doing a job that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should have done a week ago, if the agency had been even half-way performing its supposed duties.

Toward that end, Michael Regan, the head of the EPA, joined Vance Thursday in East Palestine, As they say, better late than never! More from Dinesh D’Souza.

On today’s episode of Occam’s Razor, we continue to examine the disaster in East Palestine, the new Marburg false flag & the recently exposed Israeli election hacking team. More from RedPill78.

China Joe Biden finally speaks to explain his decision to shoot down the Chinese balloon and other objects. President Biden says the 3 objects mostly recently shot down may have been commercial or scientific balloons, and we check in with Little Timmy.

China threatens countermeasures and tensions escalate after the shooting down of their spy balloon. Karine Jean-Pierre explains the White House response and the launching of sanctions against China. Did the Chinese balloon stray off course?

Angry Ohioans attend a town hall demanding answers to questions stemming from the Norfolk Southern Chemical disaster. Rep. Bill Johnson explains the company did not send any representatives as residents debate test results with government officials.

Biden EPA official Michael Regan explains that Norfolk Southern will face the consequences for the spill, including costs of the clean-up. We review the Notice of Liability sent from the EPA to Norfolk Southern.

Congress wonders where’s Pete Buttigieg? Newly elected Senator J.D. Vance releases a video of a creek in Ohio, showing chemicals bubbling up from the floor. Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz join Ilhan Omar in demanding action from Pete Buttigieg, who responds by blaming Congress.

The White House stands by Pete Buttigieg and the Department of Transportation’s response to the Ohio Train Derailment. KJP explains multiple agencies are facilitating the response and that she has total confidence in Pete.

As the finger-pointing starts in the aftermath of the Ohio Train Derailment, Republicans want to know more from the Biden EPA. The Oversight Committee sends a letter to the Biden EPA demanding answers about a stalled proposal for improved containers. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Pictured are members and sponsors of the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade. These young balloon enthusiasts had launched one of the balloons shot down by Joe Biden’s hardened military. The balloon was knocked out with a Sidewinder missile costing roughly $400,000.

Spy Balloons, UFOs, Pipelines

The China spy-balloon drama is the gift that keeps on giving. Dan Bongino reports on a shocker  from the Daily Caller, revealing that past spy balloons were classified by the United States as UFOs!

Bongino says the reveal speaks to the endemic lying and corruption of the Biden Administration and how it is in the firm grip of the Chinese Communist Party. He explains further, plus discusses another bombshell development on who and how the Nordstream Pipeline was blown to pieces.

CIA’s Most Horrifying Secrets

The Central Intelligence Agency has attracted plenty of criticism for its methods and motives over the years. Declassified documents have only fueled this criticism, revealing all manner of unethical and illegal conduct hidden in the CIA’s closet. Many of the declassified secrets are more evil and absurd than creepy.

Wacky plots and absurd technology like bird spy drones, catfish spy drones, dragonfly spy drones are among the stranger revelations from declassified archives. However, some of these documents reveal far more gruesome secrets. Plans for political assassinations, mind control, torture, and even inciting international wars reveal that the CIA has gotten up to far more than the public ever suspected. More from A Day In History.

Iranian Troops In Crimea

ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow reports the National Security Council announced that Iranian troops are “on the ground” in Crimea, supporting Russia’s attack on Ukraine’s infrastructure, including assaults on its power grid. Sekulow welcomes former Trump Administration senior advisor Ric Grenell for further in-depth analysis of the growing crisis.

Live From The People’s Convoy

Presenting fresh drone footage from the People’s Convoy as they roll through Oklahoma and a live on the spot interview with my friend Josh Yoder of US Freedom Flyers, representing the People’s Convoy to tell you how you can get involved and be a part of this nationwide movement! More from RedPill78.

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