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Texts Expose FBI Murder Plot

Infowars’ Owen Shroyer reports new text messages have surfaced in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case in Michigan, exposing an FBI plot to kill the governor by use of drones or any means. This on top of recent revelations that the FBI was solely responsible for the staged kidnapping plot to entrap people and cause a major story for political reasons.

Funny how the original story was headline news when the mainstream media connected the case to conservatives or average citizens. Since it was revealed to be an FBI staged setup, no one will touch it.  “This should be huge. It’s kind of hard to pass over this story,” Shroyer says. He brings us additional details on the evolving Michigan plot, plus more on the fallout of the Afghanistan debacle.


Covid Concert Drones On

This week on the New World Next Week: killer drones are hunting targets by themselves; a concert promoter is charging an extra $1000 for the unvaccinated; and a California cafe owner is charging $5 for orders placed while wearing a mask. More from the Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.


Now They Want To Drone Us

The Leftists have gotten so deranged they now are debating whether or not to drone conservatives across America. We kid you not! Listen as these morons debate the drone attacks on MSNBC. It’s becoming the flagship channel for lunatic Leftists now that CNN is sinking into same treacherous waters now engulfing MSNBC. More from Luke Rudkowski at We Are Change.

White Dude With The Camper

Already the FBI has identified a suspect in the Nashville bombing, and how surprising, it looks like it’s a white guy, Anthony Quinn Warner, and likely a Trump supporter. Google maps have shown pictures of the suspect camper parked outside Warner’s home in the town of Antioch, Tennessee, a small bedroom community to the southeast of Nashville. It’s already looking like history will repeat itself!

By that we mean, with Leftist Democrat Joe Biden about to ascend to the White House, suddenly false flag attacks are becoming all the norm in America once again. That’s one thing you can count on happening: The Democrats will always resort to lying, with the FBI and CIA working the scams! More from Mr. Obvious.

The thing to bear in mind about the camper: It’s just a prop! The camper did not carry the explosive devices. The explosion occurred across the street, most likely underground, before engulfing the camper.

Global Agenda also shares footage that confirms the blast occurred across the street, so it didn’t involve the parked camper whatsoever. This was likely a false flag: The detonation caused by an explosive underground bomb or a missile striking from above.

Here’s a second video that’s even stranger, involving drones and a nearby crash site and what might be laser firings that can bend through space and time. They are all connected via the Nashville explosion and a nearby crash in McMinnville, Tennessee. More from the Florida Maquis.

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The Drone Swarm Of The Future

Combat continues to evolve. What will we see in the battles of the future? Will battalions come charging over the hills, or swarms of drones? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

People Uniting Behind Scenes

The [Central Bank] system is imploding and the patriots are now moving quickly to create an economy that will benefit the people. The people are uniting behind-the-scenes. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media has lost control of the narrative. All assets are deployed, but the people are no longer buying it. All the people see are lies, riots and chaos. This is not an America they want and the entire plan is backfiring on them. They never thought this would happen. More from the X22 Report.

Even the mainstream media says to prepare for civil war after the election. A former Attorney General believes the Department of Justice will deal with online censorship ahead of the November election. Let’s hope the Leftist perpetrators — Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter — are severely punished. Some of these toads should lose their licenses. Some should be broken up so they can no longer pretend like they are in Communist China. At the minimum, they must face massive fines. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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The Big Tech companies are pushing yet another major censorship purge. Jordan Sather outlines what they have done. When will the censorship end? Probably not ahead of the elections. These Leftist outfits are going for broke to push the election of the crooked and bumbling Joe Biden. These assholes are turning America into a backwoods province of China. Screw them! Vote down every damn Democrat this fall! More from Destroying the Illusion.

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Antifa! Black Lives Matter! Drones! Mug shots! Hybrids! Something’s very wrong! More from McAllister TV.

Something Is Up

We Are Change discusses the bizarre situation in New York City where a police department with an annual budget of six billion dollars just stands down as the city’s most posh stores are ransacked and looted. What in the hell is wrong with those cops? Are they that inept and incompetent? Or are they coasting because they work for inept and incompetent politicians, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo?

Without a doubt, DeBlasio and Cuomo stand as the epitome of gross corruption. It’s difficult to imagine either of these ghouls ever being elected to higher office in the United States.

But they are certainly not alone. Here, We Are Change talks over the riots with reporter Josh Friedman.  He was on the ground amidst the chaos in Los Angeles and discusses whether police may be stirring things up. Friedman says vandals beat him up, assuming he was likely a cop or conspirator out to get them.

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Steve Turley explains more of the details behind President Donald Trump’s designation of Antifa as a terrorist group. This occurs as riots across the nation are red-pilling Americans. Let’s make some noise! Time to see some of these Leftist terrorists in the hoosegow!

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This Is War, says Lionel Nation. If you think the riots are going to continue unabated in this nation, just keep your eyes peeled. We are going to see drones. We are going to see armored trucks. We are going to see New Age military tools we’ve never seen before. What Nation calls “an autoshow of every form of military vehicle, drone, air surveillance, direct energy weapons.” Those behind the riots have exhausted everyone’s patience. Now it’s their time to pay if they persist with their fun and games.

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Coronavirus Overreach

As the coronavirus lockdown enters its second month, governments are enforcing stricter measures to save lives. But are these rules really helpful or are they infringing on our civil liberties? In Florida, police are monitoring people with drones, North Carolina authorities announced on Twitter that protesting is a non-essential activity and, in Michigan, perhaps the most Draconian of all states, residents are prohibited from visiting friends or relatives, and people with more than one home are banned from traveling between them. And the media, of course, following in lockstep with these newly anointed tyrants, are insisting that government must set stricter rules. Enough already! People fed up and they can’t take it anymore! “It’s creepy how some people are so eager to have authorities boss us around,” says John Stossel. Here’s more from Stossel TV.

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Try Harder!

In Pursuit of Truth reviews the latest news involving or relating to Q-Anon, including 13 new indictments against R. Kelly and the resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. Also, we learn that Jeffrey Epstein kept an “insurance policy,” videos in a large safe, presumably showing rich and famous individuals involved in illegal activities on his island.  This safe was not at his Manhattan mansion but on the island. Will the contents be revealed?

SerialBrain2 offers a two-part series that explores how President Donald Trump vanquished the chemtrails, and the dominance of Queen Elizabeth 1, to Make America Great Again. This series uses gematria, the particulars of Trump’s recent Twitter posts and older symbols including the eye of Ra, the serpent and the rainbow to capture the metaphysical battle now occurring to re-establish a free and proud United States.


Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico property will be part of the investigation. There are rumors that an individual will be stepping forward, could this be [Rachel Chandler]. Watch the news, the news unlocks. There are mysterious boxes in each of his rooms. Flynn’s case mimics, Trump Tower, CP and GP etc. New York City had a blackout, and it seems there might be a message associated with it. Q drops more bread. This shows Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Someone used a drone to fly over it. More from the X22 Report.

From his 2008 conviction, to the sweetheart deal which may have ended a political career. From the underage girls who serviced him, to the madam who procured them. From a proposed deal to reveal names of those who enjoyed his harem, to the possible takedown of some big VIPs. This is Jeffrey Epstein’s story which proves Pizzagate is real. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!

The Drone Over Detroit

President Obama has said he’ll save Detroit the only way he knows how. “By sending over a drone that drops food stamps,” says Jodi Miller. In this edition of NewsBusted, she also addresses the birth of a new British prince, the New York Times’ call for Anthony Weiner to withdraw and Bette Midler’s latest attempt at historical revisionism.

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