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Topless to Topple Sharia

Femen protesters from the Ukraine went topless Thursday outside London’s City Hall, demonstrating against “bloody Islamist regimes” taking part in the Olympic games. “They are the fascists of our time, they treat women like third-class citizens,” said Reza Moradi, one of the protesters.  In fake blood, the women wrote slogans across their chests, including “No Sharia,” “Olympic Shame” and “Speed Raping.”  Femen’s tactics might mirror those of PETA, but their targets are much more deserving of the boob treatment. Here’s video of the protest from Telegraph TV, borderline NSFW. H/T American Power

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2 thoughts on “Topless to Topple Sharia

  1. WHAT?? No slo-mo or freeze-frame?

    And you call this a *professional* blog site? Hmph.

    And, lemme see if I got this straight. These girls are using sex to sell their message to a TV station that uses the sex to sell its news which is picked up by the blogger who uses the sex to sell his article, all on a site that uses sex to sell its product by placing a picture of a hot chick in a see-through top in its banner.

    So, it’s true? Sex *does* sell.

    I mean, you hear about it, you read about it, but you never really believe it until you see a shocking, flagrant example of it right before your very eyes.

    More! More!

    • We’re lo-fi and low-brow here, but capable of drawing some distinctions. At least, we once listened to the Lenny Bruce monologue defining the differences between Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Track Home Chippie. And yes, sex does sell, besides being good, clean fun.

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