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Before Trump Was President

He was already a legendary man. Here’s a short tribute in recognition of all Donald Trump stood for, and why we elected him President.

We’ll see if Joe Biden can be even half as good — and so far, he’s not even measuring anywhere close to that level of achievement. More from MrReagan.

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I Want To Trigger You

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of “Prey”, about how woke culture is destroying classical liberalism, how elites are finally acknowledging that immigration in Europe is backfiring, and how immigration policies in Europe have negatively impacted women’s rights and made Europe less safe for women. In this clip Ayaan talks about how liberalism is being weakened by the identity politics of the woke left.

She shares why James Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose’s book “Cynical Theories” is so vital to understanding our current political climate. She also discusses how wokeism has far more in common with radical Islam than many would think. Both engage in science denial, and the censorship of criticism.

She suggests that the only way to defend liberalism is to build alliances with centrist and moderate political opponents and create a new centrism. She states that young people should not be seeking out safe spaces at university, but should actually want to be triggered.

This is the first of a two-part series. We will run the conclusion later this week.


3: Women Go Topless

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Call Me Stormy has been in existence nine years now, and we have made 15,000 posts. To celebrate these milestones, today we re-publish our top 10 posts as measured by their popularity with our readers. We begin with No. 10 and will work our way up to No. 1. All of these posts have more than 900 views each, the best nearly 50,000. Here’s No. 3, originally published Sep. 2, 2012.)

Last Sunday, a few dozen activists descended upon Washington, D.C., for the 5th annual Go Topless Day protests. Reason.TV’s Lucy Steigerwal reports live from the rally, supporting women’s rights to go topless in public.

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Meanwhile, Guyism commentator Katie Nolan supports the cause, but says the movement is missing a golden opportunity by not putting its best foot — er, breast foot — forward. In The Guyism Speed Round, she says, “A bit of advice, ladies, if you want people to support your made-up cause of clothing equality, maybe find some girls that people want to see with their shirt off.” Be sure to stick around for her coverage of a newly discovered Amazonian species nicknamed “the penis snake.”

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Feminists Rap Male Firefighters

Gender parity makes perfect sense for most professions, but there are a few where that rule gets stretched. For instance: Firefighting.

Feminists in Los Angeles aren’t happy because the city’s firefighting unit still is predominantly staffed by men. But guess what? Firefighting is not only a risky profession but one requiring a lot of strength, stamina and physical prowess.

If a woman meets those standards, fine. But if not, hire the men. More from Tim Pool.

In a related video, Steven Crowder takes to the streets of the Dallas Women’s March to have real conversations with real people. In this installment, we discuss ‘male privilege’.

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Toxic femininity is real. And it is gross. Here, Sydney Watson explains how toxic femininity is damaging us all. Watson is an Australian-American writer and journalist.

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Stunning and brave, or how I learned to stop worrying and finger my own ass. What can you even say to a women who think like this and still pass judgment on MGTOW? The hypocrisy is stunning. Also, another article tries to sell men on the “benefits” of marriage. More from Redonkulas on Live from the Lair.


(Empty Egg Cartoon)

Why have Western women stopped having babies? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Women: They’re Out Of Control

Slightly Offens*ve’s Elijah Schaffer goes inside the insanity at the Los Angeles Women’s March to show you how modern feminists express their freedom! More from Blaze TV.

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At a recent Change My Mind event at the Dallas Women’s March, Steven Crowder gets assaulted by two (beautiful and brave) transgender individuals. More from this Change My Mind episode.



Hollywood Hypocrisy

Many of the Hollywood awards ceremonies usually give actors an opportunity to push their own political agendas, such as Patricia Arquette’s diatribe espousing equal pay for women after receiving the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Alfonzo Rachel says women like Arquette, Jennifer Lopez and Meryl Streep don’t really care about equality for women, but more applause and money for themselves. Rachel rips these people apart and exposes their hypocrisy in this edition of “ZoNation” on PJTV.

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Debunking the War On Women

Is the alleged Republican war on women real, or is it just another mirage perpetuated by the looney left? Regardless, the Democrat Party will make the war on women a front-and-center issue leading up to the November midterm elections because it produces votes. At least it has in past elections.

The Captain Obvious solution is simple: Address the issue aggressively and turn the tide on the Democrats. In this edition of LibertyPen, John Stossel welcomes three women to debate the different facets of the war on women, including Jehmu Greene, former director of Women’s Outreach at the Democratic National Committee, Heather Higgins, president and CEO of Independent Women’s Voice, and Amy Holmes, a commentator on The

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The Real War on Women

Wild Bills says that the real war on women comes from the liberal perversion of sex. “Even though it violates every instinct of the female, liberalism browbeats and peer-pressure young girls into a promiscuous lifestyle, prostituting themselves in a desperate search for love but finding nothing but heartache,” Wild Bill says. “Man, talk about a war on women.”

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Huckabee Riles the Left

The far left cable broadcasts and blogophere are in a frenzy over former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s comments at a Republican National Committee meeting. The liberal mob firestorm, taking Huckabee’s comments out of context as usual, charged that he said, among other things, that the federal government shouldn’t help women control their libido.

Wrong again! A close examination of the tape reveals that Huckabee was actually affirming women’s rights and blasting the Democrats for their phony war on women. “It wasn’t even about contraceptives,” Huckabee explains. “It was about the way Democrats have accused Republicans of having a war on women, when Republicans believe that women are quite our equal.”

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