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Go Naked Into the World

Ah, Femen resurfaces. When we last ran across these topless feminists from Ukraine, they were taking a chainsaw to an Orthodox cross in Kiev, protesting the two-year prison sentences handed down to three members of the punk rock band Pussy Riot in Moscow. Apparently things got so hot for Femen after that, they no longer could remain in Ukraine.

Now, they’ve jumped from the fire into the frying pan, relocating to Paris, just as irate Muslims are threatening to trash the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, a satire magazine that published naked cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. True to form, staying in the eye of the storm, Femen marched nude this week through a predominantly Muslim quadrant of Paris, chanting the slogan, “Come, strip, win.”

Femen staged the march to celebrate the opening of a new training camp in Paris aimed at convincing other women to strip for the cause — advancing women’s rights. The group also renewed vows to expand its operations to New York, Sao Paulo and Montreal. Vive la Femen! Whether they are activists or agents provocateurs, they sure know how to shape the news! NSFW

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