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Looking for Love in China

In a strange paradox, the most successful class of women in China is having trouble landing mates, or even dates. This in a country where there’s a pronounced gender gap with 118 men for every 100 women. Conservative cultural norms are partly at the root of the problem. In China, if a woman is too independent, she can be ostracized. She’s also likely to be labeled “leftover” if she’s over 28.

It means that most successful women struggle to get a date and with a third of China’s millionaires now female, an increasing number of China’s women are prioritizing their work life. The result is “200 million singles in China and it keeps growing,” as Johnny Du, the CEO of one of China’s top internet dating sites, explains. Du says the women also set the bar too high. “Woman are really picky; they want the man to be very rich, young, handsome, educated.” SBS Australia and Journeyman Pictures report.

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