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Europe’s Shameful Sharia

One lone protester stands up against the election of two Islamists to a town council in Belgium. On the one hand, the Islamists won by a fair, democratic vote. But on the other hand, they have endorsed the implementation of Sharia laws over and above Belgian civil laws and the European Convention on Human Rights. In other words, they are advocating a global caliphate under which the rights of women and gays would be abrogated, as well as anyone not adhering to Islam.

A tip of the hat to PJ commentator Roger L. Simon, who posted this video and noted the profound silence and apathy that greets this one protester. “Political correctness — leavened, to be sure, with a modicum of cowardice — overwhelmed their good sense and allowed the decent and courageous man to leave by himself,” Simon wrote. “If you ever wondered how Hitler happened, you have part of your answer on this video.”

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