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Monkeypox Lockdowns Loom

Josh Sigurdson reports that people are once again falling for fake pandemic news, which most likely will lead to a wave of lockdowns and quarantines across the planet. He says Belgium has become the first country to introduce mandatory quarantines, as alleged cases of Monkeypox increase worldwide. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

PS…Concerning Brussels

The ‘Squaddy’ has been identified! His name is Marko Kleijn. More on the brutalities of the Brussels police and chicanery of its mayor Philippe Close. More from Janet Ossebaard with The Fall Of the Cabal.

The Fall of the Cabal team — Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter — also delivered a cautionary video. They do expect the Cabal to soon drop the Covid-19 chicanery and restrictions. But the team says do not buy into the notion that everything will return to normal. The Cabal will still be at work to restrict or erase our freedoms, and end our national governments. Stay informed and do what you can to stop these villains!

Canadian Convoy Moves World

What a time to be alive! Me & the mister talk all things convoy & show lots of videos, etc from around the country. Get a tissue, you’re going to tear up. More from Amazing Polly.

All eyes are in Canada as columns of truckers running kilometers-long descend upon Ottawa, trying to knock some sense into the addled brain of prime minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau, along with Emmanuel Macron in France, has been one of world’s most insidious leaders in pushing covid lockdowns.

Through his restrictive edicts, Trudeau has hamstrung much of the economy of Canada and reduced the workers into serfs. Hopefully, the truckers’ protest will push him to leave and help end the calamity facing Canada. Pray! More from And We Know.

Folks around the world were inspired by the Canadian truckers, as their counterparts in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands and elsewhere announced their own drives against covid restrictions.

But the Washington Post, owned by the billionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, went all out to blackball and deride the truckers. The Post not only ran a cartoon brandishing the truckers as “fascists,” but also an op-ed piece saying Canada must “confront the toxic Freedom Convoy head-on.”

We found it fascinating that the Post‘s cartoonist goes by the name Michael de Adder. Even his name betrays him as a vicious snake!

As far as Bezos goes, under his watch, the Washington Post has transformed from America’s “newspaper of record” to becoming just another yapping leftist rag. No one should be surprised or shocked that the Post is pushing putrid politicians like Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden who lie to and rip off actual, everyday workers.  More from Tim Pool.



What Really Happened?

Janet Ossebaard, one of the co-authors of the popular Fall Of The Cabal series, explains what really happened in Brussels, Belgium, last Sunday, when half a million people demonstrated against mandatory QR-codes and covid vaccinations.  What a beautiful, colorful. and peaceful protest corrupted by Antifa, the Police, the Military, and the Main Stream Media.

This short film shows you the evidence of a scam, a set-up to make the “anti-vaxxers” look like criminals, vandals, aggressors. It’s time to expose the oppressors of the People! More from Jim Crenshaw.

Mass Formation Psychosis

We are living in an age of mass formation or as I would call it, Mass Hysteria. How did authorities use this to create supporters for medical tyranny? In this video, I expand on the theory of Mattias Desmet and explain exactly how it happened. More from Amazing Polly.

Does it sometimes feel like you’re surrounded by people who’ve been hypnotized in some way? Well, maybe you are. My guest is Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, and his observations over the past 18 months have led him to conclude that the overwhelming majority have indeed fallen under a kind of spell.

Except it’s not actually a spell, of course: the term for it is ‘mass formation’ and right now it’s manifesting as a psychological response — not unlike hypnosis — to the unrelenting, single-focus campaign of fear to which we have all been subjected.

Join me when I will explore with Mattias what triggers and sustains this mass response, where it could ultimately lead us, why a minority somehow manages to remain unaffected, and whether there’s anything we can collectively do to break the spell before it’s too late. More from Dan Astin-Gregory.

Tortured Baby Corpses Surface

Before It’s News’ (BTN) reports that hundreds of tortured baby corpses surfaced in Germany, following catastrophic floods throughout Europe last week. More than 600 corpses washed into homes and rivers, according to eyewitnesses. Reporter Judy Byington says the bodies were believed to have come from an underground tunnel system where children were tortured for their blood and organs, and used in Satanic rituals.

The babies, who were born to teens and preteens in the tunnels, never saw the light of day and were deformed and appeared to have been traumatized, according to Byington. She writes that more bodies of dead children are expected to surface in Belgium, the Czech Republic and The Hague, Netherlands, where more than 1,400 dead children had come to the surface.

Meanwhile in the U.S., more than 50,000 malnourished and deceased children have been rescued from underground tunnels across the nation by the U.S. Military and Marines since July 2019. The count now is in the millions across the globe. The operations were authorized by the Trump Administration and the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force working with military Special Forces teams internationally, including Interpol.

BTN also gives us a bombshell update on the truth behind the Evergreen vessel, which was seized in the Suez Canal earlier this year. The vessel was loaded with 1,356 dead children and another 1,267 who were clinging to life. BTN reports that former CIA operative and Navy Seal David Straight, says there are two other ships suspected of child-tracking in addition to the Evergreen–a cargo shipping container company and HWC. He divulged that the Evergreen is owned by the Clinton Foundation, the cargo containing company is owned by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, and he did not reveal the owner of the HWC.  Here’s more from Before It’s News, courtesy of the Exposing Corruption channel.

Doctors Warn Against Vaccines

Doctors around the world are strongly warning against receiving any of the COVID-19 vaccines. Their reasons range from insufficient study and trials in the development of the vaccines to questioning the veracity of the virus pandemic itself.

Dr. Elizabeth Evans of the United Kingdom says the vaccines are reckless and experimental, and there is no evidence that they will contain the spread of the virus. Another Englishman, Dr. Vernon Coleman, says doctors aren’t allowed to question COVID-19 publicly. He says material containing the truth about the alleged disease is banned. “The whole COVID-19 scam is the greatest hoax in history.”

Sweden’s Dr. Ralf ER Sundberg tersely says the coronavirus PCR tests are inaccurate and are producing many false positives. And shockingly, Dr. Johan Denis from Belgium states the coronavirus vaccine is not proven safe or effective. “There is no medical emergency. It is a fake pandemic,” he says. See many more medical reactions in the following clip and, as always, use your own judgment.

Fight The Virus

‘Fight the Virus’ by Singapore’s Alvin Oon is a parody of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic song ‘Sound of Silence’. This song shares information about the current Wuhan coronavirus that has spread across the world and how we can all work together to fight and beat this virus. Share the song! Fight the virus!

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Styxhexenhammer666 gives his daily coronavirus update. The number of reported cases has now surpassed 20,000, although the actual number of cases is believed to be much higher. While the virus is still raging inside of China, new cases have been reported elsewhere. There’s now an infected individual in Belgium and two new cases in California. The CDC now admits: The coronavirus is unlikely to be contained.

A new video smuggled out of China purports to show victims of the Coronavirus experiencing horrifying convulsions. Is this supposed viral illness actually a neurotoxin? Plus…A federal court has reportedly unsealed a shocking set of indictments implicating Charles Lieber, the head of Harvard University‘s chemistry department, as well as two Chinese nationals, for smuggling “biological material” into China and later lying about it. Are these individuals part of a plot to create the bioweapon which has now become a pandemic? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!

Remember how US mainstream media have been attacking internet sources who have said China is burning the dead victims of the Coronavirus? Well, now, China itself admits that’s what it has been doing. Regular funerals are banned. The victims are being cremated — by law. So much for the sacrosanct US media that once again got all of its facts wrong and attacked those who were actually reporting the truth. More from Mr. Obvious.

Dr. Francis Boyle discusses the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China and the Biosafety Level 4 laboratory (BSL-4) from which he believes the infectious disease escaped. He believes the virus is potentially lethal and an offensive biological warfare weapon or dual-use biowarfare weapons agent genetically modified with gain of function properties, which is why the Chinese government originally tried to cover it up and is now taking drastic measures to contain it. The Wuhan BSL-4 lab is also a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab and Dr. Boyle contends that the WHO knows full well what is occurring. More from Geopolitics and Empire.

A controversial group, currently in the crosshairs of the establishment, which was also discussed at Event 201, is known as the Anti Vaccine Movement. And now, we see the UK Government, working on a new law, to jail people who spread ‘Anti Vaccine Propaganda’ online.

Currently people are protected from prosecution, if they sincerely believe the misinformation or propaganda is real, but the government is looking to reform this provision and make it a criminal offense to post anything online, particularly social media, which is deemed to be ‘Anti Vaccine.’

Where does the CDC stand on this issue? Well, when we examine a CDC document published at the National Academies website, we see what they call, ‘A Recipe for Fostering Public Interest and High Vaccine Demand.’ The CDC document appears to contain outright talking points and a strategy to be carried out and propagated to the public via health officials and the media.More from Spiro Skouras.


Globalists Just Can’t Answer

Laura Towler offers a slate of 30 questions leftwing globalists either refuse to answer or just can’t answer.

Dr. Steve Turley says Globalist Progressives enabled the rise of the Populist Right! That’s right. These left-wing Liberals have only themselves to blame for making the rest of us mad and getting us organized.

Urgent Message. The American storm has arrived in the United Kingdom. Learn why Theresa May really resigned. More from the Vincent Vendetta Channel.

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We’ve seen how the conservatives struck fear against the Globalists in Great Britain, France, Hungary and Poland. But the same actually happened as well in the heart of the European Union — Belgium. The results are both exciting and unexpected. The EU should be afraid… very afraid. More from Red Shark Intelligence.

The Brazen Congressional Killers

McAllisterTV revisits the brazen plot involving Nancy Pelosi and her closest associates. Just how deeply were they involved with plans to kill President Donald Trump? Is this why they planned to be out of the country on a Congressional junket. Who did they plan to meet with in Afghanistan, Egypt and Belgium, headquarters of NATO? Were those individuals or groups also involved in the plot?

Here, McAllisterTV also touches upon the Vanderbilt pool — reputed murder site of the Illuminati — and the whole walnut sauce conundrum surrounding the vile John Podesta. Also discussed, the heroic actions of Admiral Michael S. Rogers, former director of the National Security Agency. There’s also a fascinating look at admiralty law.

The X22 Report also says the Leftists are running out of options. They have tried to use the mass media to gain headway, but the news reports are being routinely shown to be false or contrived. And in each case, we learn more about how the leaks occur. The House, meanwhile, is starting to take over more of the investigatory work previously done by the ineffective Mueller Probe. Guess what? The House can push impeachment all they want, but these drives are not making any progress at all in the Senate, and the public is starting to recognize the impeachment charges are phony as all hell.

Trump has trapped the [DS] on the wall issue. No matter which path they choose the wall will be built. Trump and the patriots are pushing their agenda in Venezuela, think NK, Syria etc… He is giving them what they want, or is he? Voter fraud has been revealed and Trump will use this during the 2020 elections.



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