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The Silent Children

Here’s a look at The Silent Children, the documentary film that Chris Cornell was planning to make when he was found dead. Chester Bennington of Lincoln Park was also involved in the project and also died. In both cases, the reported deaths were listed as suicides, although given the circumstances, we believe either or both were likely killed. The planned documentary addressed the global issue of child trafficking and visited far-flung pockets of the globe, including Moldova, where children are being systematically trafficked and killed. Some of this involves sex, sometimes organ transplants. Jamie Dlux brings us the film clips and back story.

Meanwhile, in a related matter, Liz Crokin says Asia Argento is a pedophile Satanist. She — along with Corey Feldman and Rose McGowan — are pawns of the Deep State. The Me Too & Times Up movements were shams (PSYOPs) to distract from the real problem in Hollywood, which is the rape, torture, sex trafficking and murder of children, aka Pizzagate. We’re glad Crokin got this video out before her recent water skiing accident, which has left her in horrible shape with some of her fingers severed.

Here, we see Asia Argento and the late restaurant critic Anthony Bourdain, her former lover, sharing a meal in Rome and discussing their impressions of the city.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has censored this video as it works with Google to continue to bring darkness and doom to the world. In the absence of the original video, we give you a video by Johnny Supertramp, claiming proof that Asia Argento staged Anthony Bourdain’s suicide hoax as art. Is that possible? We have no clue. So watch the video, and decide for yourself whether it’s credible or an even more elaborate hoax.)

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4 thoughts on “The Silent Children

  1. Hi, what source can you site for chris cornell and Chester Bennington being involved in the production of this film?

    • Strange question. What is our source? The video we run is by Jamie Dlux. We say openly in the text. You can also watch the video and see it’s clearly from Jamie. We have run many of his videos and always have found him to be a reliable source.

      • Well, I have couple friends that are questioning this theory, and one of their key stones is not being able to find any evidence of either one actually being involved in the film. Noting no credits in the production etc.. was just wondering where you drew that conclusion from

      • OK. I guess you can show them Jamie Dlux’s video. They might pay some attention to it, or they might demand even more proof. If they need more proof, I wouldn’t worry about supplying it. Let them go searching for themselves.

        Probably it’s going to be a waste of time trying to convince them of anything. This is not an easy topic and a lot of people who act like they don’t see, actually do see — but are afraid to admit it.

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