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CNN, Cartoons And Ilhan Omar

CNN, cartoons and Ilhan Omar…all are covering the truth? Yes, we’re dealing with Twilight Zone material! More from And We Know.

Covid Biden’s criminal talk. Who is this clown and why does he insist upon talking down to Americans, as if he was some kind of king? Also, JustInformed Talk introduces us to a new HBO documentary on the Q movement, featuring JustInformed Talk, among other key sites.

Blacks Leaving Dumbo Party

Blexit Founder Candace Owens held a Blexit conference in Los Angeles, Calif. The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson got exclusive access to find out why Blexiters are leaving the Democratic party in droves. “Blexit” stands for blacks and Latinos, exiting the Dumbos.

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“The Great Awakening: Breaking the Chains of the Democratic Party” is the world’s first “documonial” film. Says Brandon Straka, “This is a testimonial documentary created entirely by using #WalkAway™️ Campaign testimonial videos. These are the true stories of black American patriots about the history and present of the Democratic Party. Please share this documonial film everywhere.”

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Another Link in the Chain?

Jamie Dlux examines the string of deaths and tragedies befalling all of the rock stars who became involved with the proposed documentary The Silent Child. It was aimed at exposing some of the chicanery behind child trafficking in the United States. Instead, most of those involved in the film met untimely deaths, described as suicides, but quite possibly murders.

McAllisterTV also takes a deep dive into the art world to uncover signs of cannibalism and pedophile/pedovore art. Much of her focus here is on a Rothschild surreal Illuminati ball from Paris in 1972, attended by Salvador Dali, Rudolf Nureyev, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Audrey Hepburn, Yul Brynner, Gregory Peck and Brigitte Bardot, among many others. Not only the table decorations, but also the art, the dinner, the side shows, all underscore the cannibalistic themes. She also takes a quick look at a contemporary art walk in Washington state, where the art displayed has become much more graphic and more hideous.

The video opens with an analysis of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, with a snarky suggestion indicating the rapacious Democrats just might have been hoodwinked.  We can always hope!

The Silent Children

Here’s a look at The Silent Children, the documentary film that Chris Cornell was planning to make when he was found dead. Chester Bennington of Lincoln Park was also involved in the project and also died. In both cases, the reported deaths were listed as suicides, although given the circumstances, we believe either or both were likely killed. The planned documentary addressed the global issue of child trafficking and visited far-flung pockets of the globe, including Moldova, where children are being systematically trafficked and killed. Some of this involves sex, sometimes organ transplants. Jamie Dlux brings us the film clips and back story.

Meanwhile, in a related matter, Liz Crokin says Asia Argento is a pedophile Satanist. She — along with Corey Feldman and Rose McGowan — are pawns of the Deep State. The Me Too & Times Up movements were shams (PSYOPs) to distract from the real problem in Hollywood, which is the rape, torture, sex trafficking and murder of children, aka Pizzagate. We’re glad Crokin got this video out before her recent water skiing accident, which has left her in horrible shape with some of her fingers severed.

Here, we see Asia Argento and the late restaurant critic Anthony Bourdain, her former lover, sharing a meal in Rome and discussing their impressions of the city.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has censored this video as it works with Google to continue to bring darkness and doom to the world. In the absence of the original video, we give you a video by Johnny Supertramp, claiming proof that Asia Argento staged Anthony Bourdain’s suicide hoax as art. Is that possible? We have no clue. So watch the video, and decide for yourself whether it’s credible or an even more elaborate hoax.)

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Alcohol Is Poison!

What About Drinking, brought to us by the Prelinger Archive, is an educational film created at the Center of Alcohol Studies at Yale University in 1954. It centers on a group of teenagers, whose party is interrupted with news of a car accident: Bob and Ted hit a pedestrian while driving, and police found a bottle of alcohol in the car.

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Hating Breitbart

Two trailers for Hating Breitbart, Andrew Marcus’ documentary profile of the late Andrew Breitbart — one for general audiences, and the other trailer uncensored. The film was originally due out today, but now will be released next Friday, on Oct. 19, as the producers appeal an “R” rating slapped on the film by the Motion Picture Association of America because of Andrew’s salty language.

If you needed any proof that they still hate Breitbart, even posthumously, the ratings skirmish ought to supply it, coming so soon after Samuel L. Jackson dropped the “F-bomb” repeatedly in his campaign spot for President Obama — a tape now viewed more than a half million times on YouTube and aired extensively on the broadcast networks. In that tape, a prepubescent girl picks up Jackson’s profane mantra — but that was perfectly acceptable under existing community standards, because the tape advanced the liberal cause, and didn’t demolish it, as Andrew Breitbart was wont to do.

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