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Chuck Todd: Mr. Know-It-All

Chuck Todd thinks he’s figured it all out. The only reason Americans distrust the media is because of a right-wing “echo chamber” created by the late Fox News executive Roger Ailes. Someone should tell Todd that Ailes is dead.

The reason folks don’t trust journalists is because they lie. Most of them are Leftists and they lie to benefit the Democratic Party. If there’s real news, they will stonewall and fight it, just as NBC — Todd’s network — withheld Ronan Farrow’s reporting on Hollywood slimebag Harvey Weinstein. How many other rapists get a free pass? How many child molesters?

So Todd is wrong: We will not trust journalists until more of them actually do their supposed jobs. Mark Dice has more.

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Chuck Todd’s wife, Kristian, is a longtime Democrat — and former spokeswoman for Jim Webb, the Democratic Senator from Virginia.  Kristian Todd has donated $13,500 this election cycle — all to Democrats. She also donated $540 to Act Blue, a “nonprofit organization that builds tools Democrats count on to run small-dollar fundraising programs.”

So when Chuck Todd takes stands that benefit Democrats, Liberals and Leftists, it comes easy to him. He is hardly an objective journalist, and has no business presenting himself as one.

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